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Collaboration course with Kudan


Would you like to learn how to cook Japanese food while learning the Japanese language? This course offers a variety of Japanese cuisines such as learning how to cook Japanese food made from soup stock, delicate ornamental sushi, and unique lunch boxes that you will be able to make for your family and friends even in your home country. Also, you will be able to learn the tradition and culture of Japanese food, as well as Japanese table manners in this course.

Japanese lesson + Cooking lesson.

Course Schedule
April 4 (Wed) – April 27 (Fri)
July 11 (Wed) – August 3 (Fri)
Wednesdays and Fridays (14:00-16:00)
8 people (the course shall open when 1 participant has joined)
・In case there will be less than 4 participants, chances are that outsiders (non-Kudan students) will join the course.
Course Date Term Japanese Level
April  04~ 2018
July  11~ 2018
1 month For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Course Fees

Course Term Fees
1 month 158,000YEN +Bankcharge 4000YEN
Fee Includes

Registration Fee,Text Book,

Japanese+Cooking course tuition

Accommodation Fees

Course Term Homestay Fee Includes
1 month-Course
4weeks(28 nights)
88,400YEN Placement Fee,
breakfast & dinner for weekdays,
3meals for weekends
Guest House 65,000 YEN(Single room)~ / Month
Airport Pick Up Arrival on Saturday 15,000YEN


Lesson① Sushi Lesson
Learn the history of sushi
Ingredients and tools for making sushi
Make sushi (bowls and scrolls
Lesson② Japanese Food・Japanese Soup Stock Lesson
Challenge making dishes using soup stock
Soup stock egg、make miso soup
Lesson③ Japanese Food Tour・Udon Striking Lesson
Learn about Japanese food ingredients through a supermarket tour
Strike udon
Lesson④ Japanese Confectionery Lesson
Learn about the culture of the four seasons in Japan
Make Japanese seasonal sweets
Lesson⑤ Japanese Lunch Box Lesson
Learn about the culture of Japanese lunch boxes
Make Japanese lunch boxes
Lesson⑥ Japanese Food・Side dish Lesson
Learn about Japanese dining tables
Choose a healthy side dish
Lesson⑦ Decorative Rolled Sushi Lesson
Make decorative rolled sushi like craftwork
Lesson⑧ Japanese Party
Showcase of what you have learned and achieved in the course
Awarding of certificates


Is it okay to join the course even if I cannot speak Japanese?
Yes, it is fine. The teacher will be using Japanese and English in the lessons.
I have no cooking experience. Is it still okay to apply to this course?
Yes, of course. The course will teach you everything (from how to use the cooking tools) so please do not worry.
I have dietary restrictions, is it still okay to join?
Yes, that won’t be a problem.
Is it possible to join from the middle of the course?
No, it is not possible. All 8 lessons of the course are designed to learn about “Japanese Food”, hence, the curriculum does not allow participants to join from the middle of the course.