Notice of Price Revision(2024)

2024 Tuition and airport pick up service fees will be revised.

For students starting courses in 2024, we will offer 2023 fees if students enroll by December 22, 2023.

【Tuition Fee】

Course Term Fees
    Current New
Practical course for beginners 4 weeks 94,000yen 102,000YEN
Fee Includes

Registration Fee, Text Book, Course tuition

※There is no change about registration fee, study material / facility use fee

【Airport Pick-up Fee】

Current New
Arrival on Saturday ¥15,000

Saturday two days before the first day of the following new semester four times a year.
January 6, April 6, July 6 and September 28, 2024.
¥15,000 for both Haneda and Narita airports

Arrival from Sunday to Friday ¥30,000
Arrival dates other than the above four dates.
¥20,000 Haneda airport ¥30,000 Narita airport

※More detailsAirport Pick-up