‘’ Custom Made Schedule ‘’ Online 160-hour Japanese Course for Beginners

Go from a complete beginner at Japanese to a Japanese language student who has completed 150 hours of study, all from the comfort of your home.

This course is designed to satisfy the 150-hour Japanese language study requirement for a Japanese student visa.
You can take this course as a part of your preparations for coming to Japan with a student visa.
Following your completion of the course, we will issue you a certificate of study which serves as proof of 150 hours of Japanese language study.

※ If wanting another kind of Japanese course, please let us know.

Example of class content from the Online 160-hour Japanese Course for Beginners

Content of the Online 160-hour Japanese Course for Beginners

Lesson Content (Details of what you will learn)

Introduction A1:

Talking about yourself in simple terms / Talking about where you will have lunch with a friend /
Explaining where you are over the phone / Showing someone around your home

BeginnerⅠ A2:

Greeting others and talking about the weather / Correcting what a person misheard /
Inviting a friend to go to a place you recommend / Complimenting the belongings of a friend

Achievement level

JLPT N5 / CEFR A2 (Elementary)

まるごと 日本のことばと文化 入門A1 かつどう
まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初級1 A2 かつどう
Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture Starter A1 Katsudo
まるごと 日本のことばと文化 入門A1 かつどう
Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture ElementaryⅠ A2 Katsudo
まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初級1 A2 かつどう

About the Online 160-hour Japanese Course for Beginners

Custom Made ( Total : 16weeks )
(excluding Japanese National Holidays)

※All lessons will be conducted live and are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)

Capacity / Tuition
Negotiable : The fee is decided in consideration of the number of applicants and the local market price
(It also costs 10,000yen for textbooks and DHL shipping)

Application Procedure

1.Contact us via the form below.

2.Verification of your Internet connection quality

3.Submission of application & payment ( Minimum 10 people )

4.Start of lessons

Can all students who take this course get a certificate of study?
If you completed 150 hours of study in this 160-hour Japanese Course, we will issue the certificate of study. We will send you a digital copy of your certificate. If you would like a hard copy, there will be an additional 2,000 yen fee.
Is it possible to get a student visa if I take this course?
We cannot guarantee that you will get a student visa, but you can get a certificate of study which proves that you studied Japanese for 150 hours as one of the required documents to apply for a student visa.
Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
Please make sure that your Internet connection works and download the videoconferencing app Zoom.
Link to download the videoconferencing app Zoom
I am worried about the quality of my Internet connection.
Prior to the acceptance of your payment and the start of lessons, we will do a video call with you to check your Internet connection to confirm that the connection quality is sufficient for online lessons.
Can I get a refund if I quit in the middle of the term?
No―Once the course started there is no refund. In the case that the course hasn’t started yet, we will refund the fee minus a cancelation fee of 16,000 yen and any applicable overseas remittance fee.
* However, if the textbook is being shipped or has already been delivered at the time of cancellation even before the course starts, we will refund the remaining fee after deducing the textbook fee and the shipping fee.
How do I get the textbook?
Your options for getting the textbook are as follows:
  1. Buying the textbook from a local vendor where you live
  2. Buying a digital version of the textbook
  3. Buying the textbook from the Kudan Institute and receiving it via mail or courier (You will need to pay for both the textbook and shipping)
    *Please contact us for details.
How do I pay for the courses?
There are two ways to pay: 1. Bank transfer (international wire) 2. Flywire (online). You will need to pay for any bank charges or fees.

Contact us

※ If wanting another kind of Japanese course, please let us know.