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Kudan nouvelles(English)

For Mt.Fuji Trip Participants 富士山に登るために

ホリデーコース1&3で富士山に行く人へ For students who are taking Summer Holiday Course 1 & 3 and going to Mt.Fuji


Interview with Kudan graduate. Christian G.(Colombia)2014 Graduate②

I registered in a few websites who helps the new graduates to find a job and also I search for companies offering internships. After did some Internships inside a few companies, I choose Rakuten and GMO to continue with the selection progress.


Interview with Kudan graduate. Anna(Russia)

【Путь получения работы】Самостоятельное обучение – Кудан Институт Японского языка и культуры 1год и девять месяцев – Бизнес-отель Июль 2016


Kudan virtual trip (Kudan indoor view)

We can see the Kudan inside view on Google Let's go expedition to the Kudan institute by Google indoor view.


Interview with Kudan graduate.採訪九段畢業。Chan Nga Pan(香港)

Self-learning→Kudan 1-year study→vocational school(Computer Graphics)3-years→Smartphone-Service IT Company from April 2017 自學→九段日本語学院1年→専門学校(電腦特效)3年→智能手機相關的IT行業2017年4月~




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