Japanese language school in Tokyo

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九段日本語学院ロゴFeatures of KILC

Long-established Japanese language school

Japanese language school
established over 30 years ago

Multinational environment

Multinational environment
with more than 70 countries

Conveniently located

Conveniently located
in the center of Tokyo

Various courses

Various courses
for different purposes

Become fluent in Japanese

Japanese language class
“Become fluent in Japanese”

homestay coordinator

homestay coordinator

Support for higher educationand employment

Support for higher education
and employment

Plenty of opportunities for international exchange

Plenty of opportunities for
international exchange

Japanese room forcultural experiences

Japanese room for
cultural experiences

Japanese Course

  1. Intensive Courses
  2. Conversation Course
  3. Practical course for beginners
  4. Private Lessons

Japanese + Culture Course

  1. Summer Holiday Course
  2. Winter Holiday Course
  3. Spring Holiday Course
  4. Manga(Comic) Course
  5. Tea Ceremony Course
  6. For agent

Online Course

  1. Online Daily Life Japanese
  2. Online Japanese Course for Beginners
  3. Online JLPT Prep Course
  4. Job Hunting Support Course
    (Online Lessons)
  5. Business Japanese Brush-up Course
    (Online Lessons)
  6. Online Private Lessons
  7. One-on-one Online Tea Ceremony Lessons