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Short-term Visa


Short-term stay visa is for you to participate the activities of sight seeing, sport, lecture, short-term language study and family visiting. The short-term stay visa can be divided to tourist visa, business via or family visiting visa.

Procedures for participants with short-term visa

  • Application form
  • Homestay Questionnaire
  • 3 photos 4cm×3cm
  • 3 Snap shots
Application deadline is 1 month before the course starting date, however, please note that we'll stop recruiting students when maximum class numbers have been reached.

1.Send us application form and make your tuition payment by wire transfer

By 1 month before starting date

2.After we have received your documents as well as payment, we'll send you an admission certificate by EMS

1 month before starting date

3.Apply for a temporary visitor visa at the nearest Japanese Embassy (Consulate), if required (If the embassy/consulate requires you to state a reason for going to Japan, show them the admission certificate and receipt of payment)

2 to 3 weeks before starting date

4.Let us know your flight details including flight number, airline name and arrival time

2 weeks before starting date

5.You will receive host family information to you Please get overseas traveler insurance

About 10 days before starting date

6.Depart for Japan

7.We'll pick you up at the Narita airport (*optional)

Arrival date

8.We take you to host family's house

Exemption of Visas A

Nationals of following countries can stay in Japan without a visa. However an extension of the visa is not permitted. If you would like to study beyond the period, you need to acquire College visa.

South America
Term of residence Europe Term of residence
U.S.A 90 days or less Andorra 90 days or less
Canada 3 months or less Estonia 90 days or less
Barbados 90 days or less Czech Rep. 90 days or less
Argentina 3 months or less Hungary 90 days or less
Uruguay 3 months or less Poland 90 days or less
El Salvador 3 months or less Monaco 90 days or less
Guatemala 3 months or less Latvia 90 days or less
Costa Rica 3 months or less Lithuania 90 days or less
Suriname 3 months or less Slovakia 90 days or less
Chile 3 months or less Iceland 3 months or less
3 months or less Italy 3 months or less
Bahamas 3 months or less Netherlands 3 months or less  
Honduras 3 months or less Greece 3 months or less
Oceania Croatia 3 months or less
Australia 90 days or less Cyprus 3 months or less
New Zealand 90 days or less San Marino 3 months or less
Asia Sweden 3 months or less
Brunei 14 days or less Spain 3 months or less
Singapore 3 months or less Slovenia 3 months or less
Republic of Korea 90 days or less Denmark 3 months or less
Taiwan 90 days or less Norway 3 months or less
Hong Kong (BNO, SAR Passport) 90 days or less Malta 3 months or less
Macau (SAR Passport) 90 days or less Luxembourg 3 months or less
Middle East Finland 3 months or less
Israel 3 months or less France 3 months or less
Turkey 3 months or less Belgium 3 months or less
Africa Portugal 3 months or less
Tunisia 3 months or less Macedonia 3 months or less
Mauritius 3 months or less Bulgaria 90 days or less
Lesotho 3 months or less Romania 90 days or less

Exemption of Visas B

Nationals of following countries can stay in Japan for 90 days or less (3 months or less) without a visa. An extension of the visa (90 days or less) is permitted only once after entering.
If you would like to study beyond the period, you need to acquire College visa.

Mexico Switzerland Germany Austria
Ireland United Kingdom Liechtenstein

Requirement of Visas

Nationals of countries other than those above need to acquire short-term stays visa. For further information, please contact our institute or each diplomatic mission List of Embassies and Consulates


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