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Summer Holiday Course

Intensive Course

The purpose of this course is to provide students with many practices of daily conversation for their spoken & listening skills to be brushed up! In the lessons, you will learn a lot of situational conversation that you may come across during your stay in Japan.

This is the ideal course for the student like you who would like to learn Japanese in the relatively short period of time.

2015 Summer Holiday

Aplication has been closed.

Activities report

JAPAN TRAVEL SIM powered by IIJmio

New usefull SIM card information. 便利なSIMカードの紹介。

外国人に便利な新しいSIMカードの案内です。 名前はジャパントラベルシムです。 This is new usefull Sim card information. Name is Japan travel SIM.


京都旅行(Kyoto trip, Summer Holiday Course)

Last week, We went to Kyoto in Summer Holiday Course♪♪


富士旅行(Trip to Fuji)

The last week, We went to 3day's Fuji trip for Summer holiday course.


浴衣着付け(Try on Yukata)-Summer Holiday –

Summer Holiday Course 2nd activity. We tryed on Yukata.


東京スカイツリー(Tokyo sky tree)-Summer Holiday –

Yesterday, We went to Tokyo sky tree for Summer Holiday Course program. It is first time activity on Summer Holiday Course.


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