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こんにちは。九段の山中です。 おうち時間、みんなはどのように過ごしていますか。 ニュースは情報収集には必要だけど、コロナウィルスのニュースばかり見ると元気がなくなってしまいますね。

My final week of the Manga course and my overall thoughts

Alas, the final week of the Manga course arrived. The imminence of the culmination of this whole manga-learning endeavor was something I felt as early as Monday, even though I had worked a bit more on my graduation project at home over the weekend, and the next session was on Tuesday. I still vividly remember the moment when I thought of my genius idea of including a parody of one of the biggest manga publishing companies in Japan, which you may notice when you look at my final project.

My 8th week at Kudan and Mangajuku

Basically the whole week was allocated for working on our graduation projects – the cover pages I mentioned in the previous post. The first day was dedicated to mostly finishing the inking traditionally. I inked as much as I can, keeping in mind that I can eventually make corrections and adjustments after it gets scanned.

My 7th week at Kudan and Mangajuku

I just realized that I'm more than half-way done with my conversation course, and only 2 weeks away from my graduation from the manga course. Time definitely passes by quickly when you're busy!

My 6th week at Kudan and Mangajuku

Another fun week had come and gone! In our conversation lessons we tackled the difficult task of giving directions in Japanese, as well as teaching people how to cook different dishes.

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Collaboration course with Kudan


The dream course of Japanese language and Manga is now here through the collaboration of Kudan and Mangajuku!(Professional Manga School) You can learn both Japanese and Manga during your short stay of 3 months in Japan.

This course is completely original and is a special course made for those interested in Japanese manga, but is only for students of Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture.

In this course, a professional manga artist together with a bilingual coordinator will assist you according to your level, and whether you are someone who likes reading manga but is a complete beginner in drawing, or for those who are experts at drawing but would like to broaden their expertise, you can be assured that students of any level can take the course.

We have already produced more than 100 student graduates from 37 different countries. While studying Japanese language, you learn how to draw manga characters, and you would be able to create an original character of your own. At the end of this course, along with the Certificate of Completion, you will also receive your works and a manga sketching textbook.

Why not try to directly experience the manga culture that has taken over the world?

Kudan Manga course class lesson movie

Manga course01

Japanese lesson + Manga lesson.

Manga Course Curriculum (1 month Course, 5 lesson /2-month Course, 10 lessons / 3-monthCourses, 16 lessons)
Over 15 years old (High School students or older).
Accommodation: Homestay or private dormitory.
Course Date Term Japanese Level

January 06~ 2020
March  30~ 2020
July  06~ 2020
October 05~ 2020

3 months
For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
2 months
1 month

Course Fees

Course Term Fees
3 months 392,,000YEN +Bankcharge 4000YEN
2 months 268,000YEN
1 month 154,000YEN
Fee Includes

Registration Fee,Text Book,

Japanese+Manga course tuition

Accommodation Fees

Course Term Homestay Fee Includes
3 month-Course
12weeks(84 nights)
262,000YEN Placement Fee,
breakfast & dinner for weekdays,
3meals for weekends
2 month-Course
8weeks(56 nights)
1 month-Course
4weeks(28 nights)
Guest House 65,000 YEN(Single room)~ / Month
Airport Pick Up Arrival on Saturday 15,000YEN


Not understanding Japanese at all, am I still eligible to the course?
Yes, you will have no problem at all. The Japanese language course is designed for complete beginners exclusively and the Manga course is taught both in Japanese and English.
Not having experienced drawing Manga at all in my life, am I still eligible to the course?
Yes, you will have no problem at all. You can learn Manga from scratch.
Can I participate in the course from the middle of the program?
No, you cannot. The program is designed to progress gradually to accomplish the graduation project at the end by starting from scratch therefore, no participation is allowed part of the way through the program.
What is the minimum age to enter the course?
The minimum age is 15 years old, the same for the Japanese school.

Nihon Mangajuku(日本マンガ塾)

Mangajuku is a private Manga school with 17 years of history and was established for the purpose of bringing professional Manga writers up in the Japanese Manga business. The comprehensive Manga curriculum of Mangajuku, from story to background and from analog to digital, is taught by professional instructors, who themselves are leading professional Manga writers. Mangajuku is located in Jimbocho, the central Tokyo, Japan, and is conveniently just five minutes walking distance from Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture. There are many prestigious publishers and bookshops dealing with Manga near Mangajuku. Mangajuku is proud of its excellent performance record of students' professional debut numbers and keeping the top position of about 100 Manga schools in Japan. There are many professional Manga writers who have graduated from Mangajuku and Mangajuku is now contemplating on developing its business throughout the world.

Works of Graduates

Akane Shimizu『Working cell』

©Akane Shimizu『Working cell』

Keisuke Ide『The Attitude of Oxalis』

©Keisuke Ide『The Attitude of Oxalis』