Job Hunting Support Course (Online Lessons)

Job Hunting Support Course (Online Lessons)

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Time (Japan Standard Time)

Saturday 10: 00-12: 50 (50 minutes x 3)
Tuesday  20: 00-20: 50 (50 minutes )
※All lessons will be conducted live and are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)

Required Japanese Level
Above Lower Intermediate level
(Above JLPT N3 / daily conversation Japanese skill is required)
Maximum 8 people ( Minimum of 2 )
60,000yen (Tax inc.)

Prior to enrollment, the instructor will give you an explanation of the course and level check via online (Zoom).

Content of Lessons

  1. Keigo (Japanese honorific words) and self-introduction
  2. Setting goals and self-analysis
  3. Job industry & types of work, working conditions, and how to find jobs
  4. Promoting oneself and motives for one’s application
  5. How to write a resume and application emails
  6. How to make phone calls and phone etiquette
  7. Interview practice (both in-person and online) and interview etiquette
  8. Question and answer session practice



January 21st (Sat) -March 14th (Tue)

January course available! You can enroll in the middle of the course!

2023 January
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2023 February
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About lesson observation 

If you want to know how to take a lesson,
see the atmosphere of a lesson,
take a look at a class to see if it is possible for you to take a lesson in your Japanese level.

You can observe a lesson for 15 minutes on Saturdays or Tuesdays. Please feel free to apply using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Online lesson sample video

Greetings from one of the instructors of the course

Example of lessons


Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
Please make sure that your Internet connection works and download the videoconferencing app Zoom.
Link to download the videoconferencing app Zoom
I am worried about the quality of my Internet connection.
Prior to the acceptance of your payment and the start of lessons, we will do a video call with you to determine your Japanese language skill and check your Internet connection to confirm that the connection quality is sufficient for online lessons.
Can I join the course even after it has started?
Yes, you can. Tuition is calculated on a whole week basis. (7,500 yen / per week)
* A lesson week starts on Saturday.
Can I quit in the middle of the term?
Yes-you can receive a refund for the weeks remaining in your term (calculated on a whole week basis). ※There is a cancellation fee equivalent to one week’s worth of tuition
Is there a textbook?
There isn’t a textbook, but we will provide you with a digital version of the handouts that were used in class after each class is over.
How do I pay for the courses?
There are two ways to pay: 1. Bank transfer (international wire) 2. Flywire (online). You will need to pay for any bank charges or fees.
Can I get a certificate of completion?
We will issue and send you a scanned copy of the original certificate if your attendance rate is more than 80%. However, we cannot mail you a hard copy.

Impression of a participant


I am very glad to have taken this course.
It helped me build communication skills in formal Japanese and gain practical knowledge about job search, interview processes, current trends in Japanese job market, workplace culture and business etiquette with ample opportunity to put theory into practice.
Many thanks to all the teachers!


Kudan's Business-Japanese course was incredibly enjoyable. Despite the course being online, it felt like we were actually in the classroom.
Although I had internet connection issues at home, the teachers were very accommodating and went out of their way to make sure I didn’t miss out. Other than the course contents, teachers also introduced us to Japanese job-hunting resources (websites, recruiting companies' points of view, etc.)
I’ve always been under the impression that Japanese corporate culture was extremely complicated, but thanks to this course, I realized that it can certainly be understood and worked with.

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