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Short-term stay visa is for you to participate in activities such as sight seeing, sport, lecture, short-term language study and family visiting. The short-term stay visa can be divided to tourist visa, business visa or family visiting visa.

When you receive education in a Japanese educational institution, the visa is Student visa in general. Applicants who wish to study for long-term need to acquire this visa.

This visa is for offering opportunities for young people between Japan and 11 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan) understand culture and general life style of each countries. It is possible to stay in Japan for up to 1 year (6 months for Sinpapore),and you one permitted to go to Language school and work part-time. Since the purpose is to deepen exchanges between young people of each country, there is a age limit for this visa.