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Student Visa(6months~2years)

When you gain an education from a Japanese educational institution, the visa is Student visa in general. Applicants who wish to study for long-term need to acquire this visa.

Time of starting a course

Student Visa

The starting date is only 4 times a year; January, April, July, and October.
Also, please note the procedure takes long time to acquire the visa.
Regarding the necessary documents and procedure, please see here.
It is permitted to have a part-time job up to 4 hours a day. As the main purpose of this visa is study, your attendance rate should not be below 80%.

When you are going to study over 1 year, you need to apply for a National Health Insurance.

The list of necessary documents ( Student visa )

  1. Student visa application form ( School format )
  2. Personal record ( School format )
  3. Letter of paying expenses ( School format )
  4. Final school diploma
  5. Passport copy ( Photo page and Japan entry stamp pages )
  6. Your face photos <6 photos> Size : 4cm X 3cm ( Passport photo size )
  7. Your Guarantor’s bank balance certificate ( Need more than 1,600,000yen )
  8. Your Guarantor’s employment certificate
  9. Your Guarantor’s tax certificate ( Annual income must be written on it )
  10. Relationship certificate between you and your guarantor ( Birth certificate, Resident certificate and so on )

※ Depending on the circumstances, more documents may be required

※ It is not possible to download 1.2.3. on the school Wwb site. Therefore, please contact us using the inquiry form at first found below.

Procedures for applicants who need Student Visa

Procedure Starting dates & deadline
April July October January
Send necessary documents and processing fee to our institute. We will stop recruiting when maximum class numbers are reached Aug ~ Oct Jan ~ Feb Mar ~ Apr July~Aug
We translate and check all the documents you sent to us Oct ~ Nov Feb ~ Mar Apr ~ May Aug ~Sep
We hand your documents into Immigration Office in Japan End of Nov Mid of Mar End of May Mid of Sep.
Immigration Office checks your documents Dec ~ Feb Mar ~ May May ~ Aug Sep ~ Nov
When your documents are confirmed by Immigration Office, a Certificate of Eligibility (Permission from Japanese Government to be granted a Student visa) is issued End of Feb End of May End of Aug. End of Nov.
We invoice the rest of the fees (Registration fee and Tuition for 1 year, Maintenance fee & Social Activity fee) End of Feb End of May End of Aug End of Nov
Applicants remit the invoiced fee to our bank account Beg of Mar Beg of Jun Beg of Sep Beg of Dec
After confirmation of payment, we send the Admission Certificate and the Certificate of Eligibility to you Mid of Mar Beg of Jun Mid of Sep Mid of Dec
Applicants hand in the documents to apply for the visa at Japanese embassy Mid of Mar Mid of Jun Mid of Sep Mid of Dec
depart to Japan Beg of Apr Beg of July Beg of Oct Beg of Jan