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Tea Ceremony Short Course


Kudan will start “Tea Ceremony Course” starting in May, 2018.

You can take Japanese lessons(Conversation Course or Intensive Course ) and Tea Ceremony lessons after your Japanese lessons.

In this course, you can learn Japanese language and Japanese Tea Ceremony(Bonryakutemae) at the same time. You will also learn about Tea Ceremony culture, how to make Tea, and how to serve Tea. We will give you a certificate of completion after finishing the 5-week course. Please enjoy Japanese tea and traditional culture while you study Japanese in Kudan Institute.

Bonryakutemae, is also called “Obon temae” or “Bon temae”. During Bonryakutemae, we prepare all the required tools on the “Obon(tray)” and make tea. We will give you a Bonryakutemae Tea Ceremony Set. It states that you can make tea in your home country.

Tea Ceremony Short Course

Tea Ceremony Course:8 lessons.
Students should be over 15 years old (High School students or older).
Accommodation: Homestay or private dormitory(Offered only to students who are taking the Conversation Course or the Intensive Course )
Capacity: 6 students
Japanese Level: For Beginner(those who have studied before), Intermediate & Advanced
Course Time Term
Tea Ceremony
Short course
1 month
(8 lessons)

Course Fees

Course Date Term Fees
Tea Ceremony
short course ONLY
May 7th~June 4th 2018 1 month 45,000YEN +Bankcharge 4,000YEN
Fee Includes

Bonryakutemae Tea Ceremony set, Tea-ceremony lesson tuition

Course Date Term Fees
Tea Ceremony
short course + Japanese lesson
May 7th~June 8th 2018 1 month(5 weeks) 147,500YEN +Bankcharge 4,000YEN
Fee Includes

Registration Fee,Text Book,Bonryakutemae Tea Ceremony set

Japanese+Tea-ceremony lesson tuition

※Last day of the tea-ceremony lesson is on June 4th.

※Conversation Course (9:10~12:40)、Intensive Course(13:30~17:00)

Present : Tea Ceremony Set for all participants

Accommodation Fees

Course Term Homestay Fee Includes
Tea Ceremony
1 month-Course
5weeks(35 nights)
108,000YEN Placement Fee,
breakfast & dinner for weekdays,
3 meals for weekends
Guest House 65,000 YEN(Single room)~ / Month
Airport Pick Up Arrival on Saturday 15,000YEN


Am I still eligible for the course without understanding Japanese at all?
If you just take Tea Ceremony Course, it is fine. If you start Japanese lesson from May 7th, you should know basic level of Japanese. If you can start the Japanese lesson from April 2, 2018, it is also no problem. Tea Ceremony course is taught in Japanese, but we provide you with English help.
Not having experienced Tea Ceremony at all in my life, am I still eligible to join the course?
Yes, you will have no problem at all. You can learn about Tea Ceremony from the basics.
Can I participate in the course from the middle of the program?
No, you cannot. The program is designed to progress gradually to accomplish the “Bonryakutemae” by the end of the course, so no participation is allowed midway through the program.

Tea Ceremony Lesson Curriculum

1.Orientation and How to use the Tools (5/7 Mon)

How to use the tools
How to bow, how to sit down and stand up on the tatami room
Omotenashi from the sensei

2.How to drink Usucha and How to eat Japanese Sweets (5/10 Thu)

Warigeiko( how to handle the fukusa & how to purify the natsume)
Review of the acting
How to behave as a guest(How to eat Japanese sweets & How to drink Usucha)
*Usucha=Thin Tea

3. How to make tea and the preparation (5/14 Mon)

Warigeiko( how to purify the chashaku, how to examine the chasen, how to handle the chakin, how to purify the chawan)
How to make tea
Japanese sweets  

4. How to Provide a tea for a guest (5/17 Thu)

How to provide a tea for a guest

5.Chakai and How to drink Koicha (5/24 Thu)

What is Chakai ?
How to drink Koicha
*Koicha=Thick Tea

6.Practice Bonryakutemae (full-rehearsal) (5/28 Mon)

Practice Bonryakutemae(full-rehearsal)

7.Your Own Tea Ceremony (5/31 Thu)

Perform Bonryakutemae by yourself
in front of the teacher.
Teacher will observe and will give feedback.

8. Graduation Ceremony (6/1 Mon)

Practice each part(Warigeiko) and perform bonryakutemae
Graduation Ceremony
(We will give you a certificate of completion)

※The certificate of completion is a Kudan original certificate.

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