Online Private Lessons

Online Private Lessons

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Group courses are also available!

Features of Online Lessons

  • All of our instructors are highly qualified
  • Lessons are conducted in real time so you can get answers to your questions right away
  • Lesson content can be customized to meet your purpose of study and schedule


  • Lessons are available on weekdays and Saturdays
    *Lessons are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)
  • You need to apply for at least 8 lessons in your initial application

How to apply

1.Contact us via the form below

2.Consultation and evaluation (We will check to see if private lessons are suitable for your needs.)

*Please note that depending on things like your requested lesson schedule, there may be some situations where we cannot match you up with a teacher.

3.Verification of your internet connection quality

4.Submission of application



  Arrangement fee Tuition (8 lessons )
Private lesson(60minutes) 10,000 yen 40,000 yen
Semi-private lessons 10,000 yen 28,000yen/one person

Available Japanese Levels

Complete beginner level to advanced level

※Course content can be adjusted according to your needs.

We offer lessons to meet a variety of needs!

Japanese for beginners
General Japanese conversation
Japanese conversation for daily life 
Business Japanese lessons
Japanese lessons for job hunting preparation
Copy editing/translation 
JLPT Preparation
BJT Preparation/EJU Preparation
Other topics according to your needs
We can also provide lessons other than those listed above. Please feel free to contact us.

Real-world examples of private lessons

Saturdays every other week
(Kudan alumnus living outside of Japan)


I want to regain the conversation skills that I acquired when I was studying abroad in Japan.
I also want to pass JLPT N1.

Why online private lessons?

With online private lessons, I can schedule the lessons for times that are suitable for me.
At first, I took lessons for 50 minutes every Saturday, but I changed the schedule to two 50-minute periods per Saturday every other week after talking to the teacher.

Contents of the lessons

I see that the student enjoys talking in Japanese very much. Not only does he enjoy it, but he also responds positively to the feedback that I provide him.
He is now aiming to speak even better than he did when he was in Japan.

A comment from the teacher

I see that the student enjoys talking in Japanese very much. Not only does he enjoy it, but he also responds positively to the feedback that I provide him.
He is now aiming to speak even better than he did when he was in Japan.

Student Impressions

Turkey / Once a week /

I am delighted with my learning experience at Kudan. Online classes have allowed me to improve my Japanese, which is a hobby I truly enjoy.
I am particularly grateful for the support in arranging my classes and feel fortunate to have a wonderful, kind teacher who excels at teaching.

HongKong / Once a week / 2 lessons/per day

I aim to pass the JLPT N1 and become fluent in Japanese as a native speaker. With online private lessons, I can schedule the lessons at times that are convenient for me. I have taken two 100-minute lessons every Saturday.

Great lesson with lots of good practice. The teacher was very responsive in customizing the lesson toward what I was looking for. Sensei always reminds me of what I should pay attention to during conversation practice~ This interactive way is so good! I like it. amazing teacher that will always match your needs! She consistently motivates me to improve and challenges me to go further. She is a truly quality teacher ! The person in charge of the online private lessons is very nice and helpful. Thank you so much ! I highly recommend booking online private lessons with Kudan Institute.

Italy from January 2024 / Once a week /

Since early January, I have been attending private lessons at the Kundan Institute. Each hour is wonderful, the teacher is highly knowledgeable and friendly, and the topics we discuss are very interesting.

France Weekdays 7:00 p.m. - Once a week

I really loved the lesson with sensei !
She is great and teach in a very good way. I hope I could still be her student later

Indonesia Weekdays7:00p.m.-Once a week

The lesson with sensei was great!
She is very patient with me and using simple vocabulary which made it easy for me to follow.
I also love how Kudan helped me with the schedule. It was helpful to balance with work.

中国 平日20時~週2回



Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, only individuals 15 years of age or older may take this course. For those under the age of 20, the consent of a guardian is required to sign up for this course.
How is the teacher chosen?
A person in charge will choose a teacher among the online specialist teachers hired by our school, and then propose the best teacher for you.
How do you decide when the lessons will be held?
When you sign the course contract, you will be asked to decide the lesson schedule (time and day of the week). Please see the Terms and Conditions for information on how to reschedule a lesson.
Are there any rules about how long I have to complete my lessons?
We ask that you complete your lessons within a two month period.

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