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Online Private Lessons

The Kudan Institute now provides online private lessons via the videoconferencing app Zoom.
Improve your Japanese language skills quickly through customized lessons that meet your language learning goals and fit your schedule.

Four Features of Online Lessons

  • ✔All of our instructors are highly qualified
  • ✔Lessons are conducted in real time so you can get answers to your questions right away
  • ✔Lesson content can be customized to meet your purpose of study and schedule
  • ✔You can attend our online conversation exchanges with Japanese people for free if any exchanges are held during your time as an online lesson participant (conversation exchanges are only held during certain times of the year)


  • ✔Lessons are available on weekdays and Saturdays
    *Lessons are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)
  • ✔One lesson is 50 minutes
  • ✔You need to apply for at least 8 lessons in your initial application


  Admission fee Tuition (8 lessons )
Private lesson 10,000 yen 32,000 yen per lesson
Semi-private lesson
(2 to 4 people)
10,000 yen (per person per lesson)
22,400 yen (per person per lesson)

How to apply

1.Contact us via the form below

2.Consultation and evaluation (We will check to see if private lessons are suitable for your needs.)

*Please note that depending on things like your requested lesson schedule, there may be some situations where we cannot match you up with a teacher.

3.Verification of your internet connection quality

4.Submission of application


Online conversation exchanges with Japanese people

Online conversation exchanges with Japanese people
You can participate in our online conversation exchanges with Japanese people if any exchanges are held during the period that you are an online lesson student.

Examples of previous lessons’ contents

Industry Participant’s Home Country Learning Goal
Software Development Korea BusinessJapanese
Restaurant India Reception

IT & System Development

China Basic Japanese

IT & System Development


Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

High School

USA Conversation

Sample learning specific skills


(vehicles, stations, stadiums, museums,
shopping malls, zoo, amusement parks…)
Claims・Japanglish・Loanwords・Discourse Interviews…


Phone calls・Messages・Meetings
Information / Reception Desk Work (Receptionist, Waiter)・Presentations・Debates…




Mail・Registration(Members, tickets)・Presentations…


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