Issuance of Certificates

Dear students,

How are you?

If you have a chance to come back to Japan, please visit us. We are looking forward to meeting you again!

If you need a certificate for further education or employment, please submit a form below.


Required fields

 Intensive Course  Conversation Course
 Hiragana and the Katakana Course  Holiday Course
 Private Lesson  Practical course for beginners
Certificate of graduation(Certificate of Completion) sheets
Attendance transcript sheets
Study certificate sheets
500 yen per one certificate is needed.
English Japanese
Mail (local) International snail mail International mail(EMS)
E-mail Fax Pick it up personally at school
After we receive the payment, we will issue the document(s) and send them to you by post. post. For regular mail: it takes 3~10days by local mail and 7~14 days by international mail depending on location. For EMS: it takes 2~7 days depending on the location.

(It costs 900-1200YEN) For school pick up: it may take 5~7 days to issue

Please let us know the date you would like to receive the certificate.(Please give us at least more than 5 days to prepare your documents)

Desired date of receipt - -

Please note that the school in closed on weekends, national holidays and at the end of December to the beginning of January for the new year holiday.