How many students are enrolled at the school?
We have 200 students each term.
How many hours of lessons are there in a day?
It depends on the course. The Japanese language classes are divided into two kinds, which are held in the morning (9:10~12:40)and afternoon(13:30~17:00). Please see each course's page for details.
Which countries are most of the students from?
We receive students coming from an average of 35~40 countries per month. Please check student's Nationalities page. You can learn not only Japanese language and Japanese culture, but also other cultures and customs after making friends from different countries. This has made our school popular among students.
Are there any tests?
Yes, you will have a final test at the end of the semester for Intensive and Conversation courses. As for the other courses, you will have a mini test and the schedule varies depending on the class and level. Also, we organize Kanji exams on a regular basis and many students choose to take them.
Can I work part time while studying in Japan?
A temporary visa doesn't allow you to work, but a student visa does for 28 hours per week if you apply to the immigration office for permission..
Can I go to a college or university after completing the school's courses?
Yes, with some courses many students enroll in colleges or universities every year. If you plan to advance to a postgraduate school, university or a two-year college in Japan, please feel free to consult with us.


When do courses start?
A new term starts in January, April, July and October. Depending on the student's level, the short-term students can start a course halfway through the course.
What do I need to apply?
It depends on the type of visa. (You can just submit an application form to the school if you do not need a visa to land in Japan).
What is the minimum age limit to study at Kudan?
We accept all students over the age of 16 to study with us.
What visa do I need to study at Kudan?
There is a Student Visa for long term Japanese study, the Tourist Visa for short stay, the Dependent Visa for activities on the part of the spouse or child for those who are already in Japan and a Working holiday Visa that allows you to stay up to 1 year and work in Japan. Please go to [About visa] page for details.

Application/Required documents

When do courses start?
The regular starting dates are in January, April, July and October. Maximum enrollment is two years.
What are the documents I need to submit and when do I apply?
Visa preparation and application takes a half year to process. Many documents will have to be prepared so please contact us.
By when do I have to prepare the documents?
Submission date of application form is held four times a year. As for the closing date for applications, please contact us at
Should I provide documents with Japanese translation?
Japanese or English translation should be attached.
Who can usually be a Guarantor?
Guarantors are generally limited to immediate family members.

Further Education

How do you help students to achieve their academic goals?
In our school, we organize for students to attend University's Open Days and briefing sessions. If you have an idea on what field you are interested in, then we can help you through counseling.
We also provide lessons for interviews and exams, so you do not have to worry about that.
What should I prepare for my future academic pursuit?
What's important is your attendance rate and Japanese ability. Those who want to apply to colleges should take an Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students. You need the equivalent of JLPT N1 to enter a college. Those who want to apply to a vocational school course; you need the equivalent of JLPT N2. Please choose your school in summer and then apply in autumn.
Do I need any documents to prove my academic studies after I have left Kudan?
You can apply for them via our website.


What kind of accommodations can you offer me?
Students choose between home stay and private dormitory accommodation. We will provide you with a private dormitory which is affiliated with our school. Please click here for more details.
Can you give me a rough idea of how much I will need to live in Japan for 1 month?
Home stay:¥20,000~¥30,000
Transportation expenses:¥20,000
Miscellaneous expenses:¥10,000
These figures are the average amount, so please just use them as reference.

Internal Language Exchange participants

What are the free talk sessions?
Basically, they are divided into several groups and talk freely in Japanese. The topics vary. Some topics are prepared to make it easier to talk to each other, so please use them.
I do not speak a foreign language.
In principle, we will speak in Japanese during free talk time with Japanese people so it is not a problem even if you cannot speak a foreign language. On the contrary, to improve your Japanese, please speak only in Japanese.
May I apply for this?
Anyone can be a member of our culture exchange. We will let you know via e-mail when we hold an exchange. You are free to participate at your own convenience.
It is free of charge. Therefore, when we do it outside of the school, please pay the expenses such as transportation fee by yourself.
Can I apply with my friend?
Only members can participate in the exchange.