Sushi Course

Sushi Course

Learn Japanese and Sushi making at the same time

The Kudan Japanese Institute, where you can study Japanese language in a multinational environment, and Ginza Onodera, a world-famous restaurant from Ginza, Tokyo, jointly offer you a one-month special program where you can acquire knowledge of Japanese and sushi making.

Japanese Lessons

The Kudan Japanese Institute provides Japanese lessons at our school in the morning from Monday to Friday. You can learn Japanese in a multinational environment with our conversation course that focuses on speaking and listening, with a curriculum that accommodates various levels from beginner to advanced.

Sushi Lessons

Twice a week on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, a current sushi chef from Sushi Ginza Onodera, a high-end sushi brand with 15 restaurants in three countries around the world, will give sushi making lessons at a sushi studio near Futako-tamagawa Station. This is a practical program where beginners can learn directly from professionals, including how to make vinegared rice, how to cut fish, and techniques for making nigiri zushi and sushi rolls.

After completing this course, you will be able to use the sushi techniques you learned in the lessons to entertain the people in your life. Develop your sushi making skills at Ginza Onodera Sushi Academy and open a door to new possibilities!

Sushi classroom
Sushi Lessons

Course Detail

Japanese lessons:Monday – Friday 9:10-12:40
Sushi lessons:Tuesdays and Fridays 14:30-16:30 (16 lessons over 8 days)
Sushi Lesson Dates
10/1, 10/4, 10/8, 10/11, 10/15, 10/18, 10/22, 10/25
Capacity: 8 people (Minimum of 3 people)
Course Date Duration Japanese Level
Sushi course September 30th to October 25th, 2024
1 month Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course Tuition & Fees

Course Duration Tuition & Fees
Sushi course 1 month 192,000yen + 4,000 yen bank fee for bank transfers from outside Japan

※192,000yen is a initial campaign price for this October only. The course fee will increase to 200,000 yen from January.

Tuition & Fees Include

Registration Fee, Course Tuition, Textbook Fee
(Japanese + Sushi Lesson Tuition, Study Material Fee, Facility Use Fee)

* Jimbocho Station ⇔ Futako-tamagawa Station (30-minute commute, 440 yen one way)

(Notes on the course)

  • The course will be held if there are at least three applicants (The course will not be held if there are less than three applicants).
  • Applicants need to apply for the course at least a month and a half before the course starts and make payment at least one month before the course starts.
  • After paying the course tuition and fees, if the course cannot be held, we will refund the full amount by bank transfer.
  • If, after paying the course tuition and fees, you cancel participation in the course due to a personal reason, even though the course can be held, the refund for the Japanese lessons will be done based on our school’s refund policy. However, there will not be a refund for the sushi lessons.
  • Applicants must acquire “cook shoes” (shoes with rubber soles that repel water and are non-slip) in advance before taking the course. The shoes can be purchased near our school, in addition to other places.

Accommodation Fee

Course Duration Homestay Fee Included in the Fee
Sushi Course One month
Four weeks (28 days)
94,000yen Homestay arrangement fee,
Weekdays: Breakfast and dinner
Weekends and National Holidays: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Guest House 75,000 yen (single room) / One month

※From April 1, 2025, the homestay fee per night will change from 3,000 yen to 3,300 yen.

Inquiry Application


I cannot speak Japanese at all, is that okay?
It is best to be able to speak Japanese, but the Sushi Course can be taken by those learning Japanese for the first time. Although the Sushi Course will be conducted in Japanese, the main focus is on actions such as knife handling, so you can take the lessons even if you cannot speak Japanese well.
I have never cooked before—is that okay?
Yes! You can start from scratch.
Can I join during the middle of the course?
No—all lessons are necessary for learning how to make sushi, so it’s not possible to join during the middle of the course.
Can I just participate in just the sushi lessons?
For the Sushi Course, it’s required to take the Japanese lessons and the Sushi lessons as a set together, so it’s not possible to participate in just the sushi lessons.
What is the minimum age for course participants?
You can participate in this course from the age of 15.
Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?
A Certificate of Completion will be issued if your total attendance rate is 80% or higher.

What is Ginza Onodera Sushi Academy?

Ginza Onodera Sushi Academy is a sushi school located in Futako-tamagawa operated by Sushi Ginza Onodera, which has 15 restaurants in Japan and overseas, including Michelin-listed restaurants. At this academy, you can learn the techniques and hospitality required of a sushi chef and acquire the skills necessary for the actual workplace.

A major feature of the Ginza Onodera Sushi Academy is that you can learn authentic Edomae Zushi through lessons taught by instructors who are professionals with extensive experience in the sushi industry.


Sushi Course Curriculum

Lesson 1-1 【Fundamentals】 How to Make Vinegared Rice

【Basic】 How to make vinegared rice

Learn how to make vinegared rice (quantities of ingredients and steps).

Lesson 1-2 【Nigiri】 Gunkan (Warship) Roll

【Nigiri】 Warship Roll

Learn how to make shari balls of rice and wrap with nori seaweed.

Lesson 2-1 【Preparation】 Filleting a Fish Into Three Pieces

【Preparation】 Cutting a fish into 3 pieces

Learn about the structure of fish and how to handle and prepare small fish.

Lesson 2-2 【Fundamentals】 Nigiri Zushi

【Basic】 Nigiri Zushi

Learn how to make shari balls of rice and basic nigiri techniques.

Lesson 3-1 【Preparation】 Sardines

【Preparation】 Sardines

Learn how to prepare fillets by handling sardines.

Lesson 3-2 【Sushi Rolls】 Thin Sushi Rolls / Hand-Rolled Sushi

【Sushi Roll】 Thin Sushi Roll / Hand-Rolled Sushi

Learn basic rolling techniques to help sushi rolls maintain their shape.

Lesson 4-1 【Preparation】 Horse Mackerel

【Preparation】 Horse mackerel

Learn how to prepare and fillet horse mackerel.

Lesson 4-2 【Sashimi】 Using a Whole Horse Mackerel

【Sashimi】 Using a whole Horse mackerel

Learn how to make sashimi using horse mackerel that you prepared yourself.

Lesson 5-1 【Preparation】 Salmon

【Preparation】 Salmon

Learn how to handle and fillet salmon and tips for doing so successfully.

Lesson 5-2 【Nigiri】 Salmon

【Nigiri】 Salmon

Learn how to make salmon sushi using a block of salmon that you prepared yourself.

Lesson 6-1 【Fundamentals】 Dried Gourd & Pickled Ginger

【Basic】 Dried gourd・Pickled ginger

Learn how to make gari (pickled ginger), which is an accompaniment to sushi, and how to prepare kanpyo (dried gourd)

Lesson 6-2 【Sushi Roll】 Thick Sushi Roll

【Sushi Roll】 Thick Sushi Roll

Learn how to roll futomaki (thick sushi roll) and learn tips on how to place ingredients on it.

Lesson 7-1 【Preparation】 Tuna

【Preparation】 Tuna

Learn how to handle, prepare, and fillet tuna.

Lesson 7-2 【Nigiri】 Tuna

【Nigiri】 Tuna

Learn how to make tuna sushi using a block of tuna that you prepared yourself.

Lesson 8-1, 【Shellfish】 Scallop

【Shellfish】 Scallop

Learn the series of steps from shucking scallops to separating and making scallops into sushi.

Lesson 8-2 Course Participants’ Performance

Applicants’ Performance

This lesson is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned over the past 15 lessons.

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