Conversation Course/Intensive Course (For Short Term Study)

Registration Fee 20,000 YEN
week 18,000yen×week Total
2weeks 18,000yen×2weeks 36,000yen
3weeks 18,000yen×3weeks 54,000yen
4weeks 18,000yen×4weeks 72,000yen
5weeks 18,000yen× 5weeks 90,000yen
6weeks 18,000yen× 6weeks 108,000yen
7weeks 18,000yen× 7weeks 126,000yen
8weeks 18,000yen× 8weeks 144,000yen
9weeks 18,000yen× 9weeks 162,000yen
10weeks 18,000yen× 10weeks 180,000yen
11weeks 18,000yen× 11weeks 198,000yen
12weeks 18,000yen× 12weeks 216,000yen
13weeks 18,000yen× 13weeks 234,000yen
14weeks 18,000yen× 14weeks 252,000yen
15weeks 18,000yen× 15weeks 270,000yen
16weeks 18,000yen× 16weeks 288,000yen
17weeks 18,000yen× 17weeks 306,000yen
18weeks 18,000yen× 18weeks 324,000yen
19weeks 18,000yen× 19weeks 342,000yen
20weeks 18,000yen× 20weeks 360,000yen
21weeks 18,000yen× 21weeks 378,000yen
22weeks 18,000yen× 22weeks 396,000yen
23weeks 18,000yen× 23weeks 414,000yen
24weeks 18,000yen× 24weeks 432,000yen
Others Fee(including Study material fee, Maintenance fee.) 1 Term 10,000 YEN/ per course

Practical course for beginners

Registration Fee 20,000 YEN
week 18,000yen/week Total
4weeks 18,000yen× 4weeks 72,000yen
Others Fee(including Study material fee, Maintenance fee and other fee.) 1 Term 10,000 YEN/ per course


Airport pick up

Arrival date

On Saturdays two days before the first day of the new semester, four times a year
(January 6th, April 6th, July 6th and September 28th 2024)

Except for the dates on the left


15,000 yen
(Narita Airport/Haneda Airport)

20,000 yen (Haneda Airport)
30,000 yen (Narita Airport)

Flow from the airport to your accommodation

A driver or a school staff will meet you up at the airport.
You will go to your accommodation by a limousine bus or a shared taxi. .

  • ※Students cannot choose their transportation method.
  • ※Staff will not accompany you from the airport to your accommodation.

A taxi driver will meet you at the arrival gate

The taxi driver will take you to your accommodation.
It will be a single person (not shared).


※From April 1, 2025, the homestay fee per night will change from 3,000 yen to 3,300 yen.

Homestay Placement Fee 10,000YEN
Homestay Fee
weekdays:including breakfast&dinner
weekends : 3 meals
2weeks(14nights) 42,000yen 14weeks(98nights) 294,000yen
3weeks(21nights) 63,000yen 15weeks(105nights) 315,000yen
4weeks(28nights) 84,000yen 16weeks(112nights) 336,000yen
5weeks(35nights) 105,000yen 17weeks(119nights) 357,000yen
6weeks(42nights) 126,000yen 18weeks(126nights) 378,000yen
7weeks(49nights) 147,000yen 19weeks(133nights) 399,000yen
8weeks(56nights) 168,000yen 20weeks(140nights) 420,000yen
9weeks(63nights) 189,000yen 21weeks(147nights) 441,000yen
10weeks(70nights) 210,000yen 22weeks(154nights) 462,000yen
11weeks(77nights) 231,000yen 23weeks(161nights) 483,000yen
12weeks(84nights) 252,000yen 24weeks(168nights) 504,000yen
13weeks(91nights) 273,000yen    

Private dormitory Guest house

Guest house Bedding Fee(One-time payment) 10,000yen
Monthly Rent 65,000yen~80,000yen
Placement Fee 5,000yen