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Fees (except Student visa students)


Tuition and Fee Estimation Calculator

Please tick all that apply and then click on the [Calculate] button. It provides you a rough estimation of tuition and fees. For an accurate estimation, please click here to contact us.


Short term(under 3 month)
Long term(over 6 month)

Courses (Short term)

Intensive Course:

Conversation Course

Hiragana & Katakana Course

Housing option

Arrange by myself

Home stay:

Guest house/Shared house:
*Those who choose guest house,
please add monthly
rental fees to the results.

Airport Pick up

no pick up

at Haneda

Arrival on Saturday
Arrival on Sunday through Friday

at Narita

Arrival on Saturday
Arrival on Sunday through Friday

Total cost calculated(+Bankcharge 4000Yen)

Price breakdown

Yen / Registration fee
Yen = Intensive Courses
           (14500 Yen × week + other expenses Yen)
Yen = Conversation Course
           (14500 Yen × week + other expenses Yen)
Yen = Hiragana & Katakana Course
           ( 14500 Yen × week + other expenses Yen)
Yen / Accommodation placement fee
Yen =Number of nights to stay with host family nights ×2800 yen
Yen / Guest house deposit
Yen / Airport pick up

Conversation Course/Intensive Course (For Short Term Study)

Registration Fee 20,000 YEN
week 14,500YEN/week Total
2weeks 14,500YEN× 2weeks 29,000YEN
3weeks 14,500YEN× 3weeks 43,500YEN
4weeks 14,500YEN× 4weeks 58,000YEN
5weeks 14,500YEN× 5weeks 72,500YEN
6weeks 14,500YEN× 6weeks 87,000YEN
7weeks 14,500YEN× 7weeks 101,500YEN
8weeks 14,500YEN× 8weeks 116,000YEN
9weeks 14,500YEN× 9weeks 130,500YEN
10weeks 14,500YEN× 10weeks 145,000YEN
11weeks 14,500YEN× 11weeks 159,500YEN
12weeks 14,500YEN× 12weeks 174,000YEN
13weeks 14,500YEN× 13weeks 188,500YEN
14weeks 14,500YEN× 14weeks 203,000YEN
15weeks 14,500YEN× 15weeks 217,500YEN
16weeks 14,500YEN× 16weeks 232,000YEN
17weeks 14,500YEN× 17weeks 246,500YEN
18weeks 14,500YEN× 18weeks 261,000YEN
19weeks 14,500YEN× 19weeks 275,500YEN
20weeks 14,500YEN× 20weeks 290,000YEN
21weeks 14,500YEN× 21weeks 304,500YEN
22weeks 14,500YEN× 22weeks 319,000YEN
23weeks 14,500YEN× 23weeks 333,500YEN
24weeks 14,500YEN× 24weeks 348,000YEN
Others Fee(including text,text material fee) 1 Term 10,000 YEN/ per course

Hiragana and Katakana Course

Registration Fee 20,000 YEN
week 14,500YEN/week Total
4weeks 14,500YEN× 4weeks 58,000YEN
Others Fee(including text,text material fee) 1 Term 10,000 YEN/ per course


Orientation / Placement Test Fee
If you cannnot start on Monday
(If Monday is a national holiday,Tuesday will be the starting date)
Airport Pick Up Arrival on Saturday (recommend) 15,000YEN
Arrival on Sunday to Friday 30,000YEN
Homestay Placement Fee 10,000YEN
Homestay Fee

weekdays:including breakfast&dinner
weekends : 3 meals
2weeks(14nights) 39,200YEN 14weeks(98nights) 274,400YEN
3weeks(21nights) 58,800YEN 15weeks(105nights) 294,000YEN
4weeks(28nights) 78,400YEN 16weeks(112nights) 313,600YEN
5weeks(35nights) 98,000YEN 17weeks(119nights) 333,200YEN
6weeks(42nights) 117,600YEN 18weeks(126nights) 352,800YEN
7weeks(49nights) 137,200YEN 19weeks(133nights) 372,400YEN
8weeks(56nights) 156,800YEN 20weeks(140nights) 392,000YEN
9weeks(63nights) 176,400YEN 21weeks(147nights) 411,600YEN
10weeks(70nights) 215,600YEN 22weeks(154nights) 431,200YEN
11weeks(77nights) 215,600YEN 23weeks(161nights) 450,800YEN
12weeks(84nights) 235,200YEN 24weeks(168nights) 470,400YEN
13weeks(91nights) 254,800YEN    
Accommodation Fee 5,000YEN

Private dormitory Guest house Deposit 10,000YEN~30,000YEN
Monthly Fee 60,000YEN~150,000YEN