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The July/August 2023 homestay is now full.

Learn and study Japanese at Kudan Institute and experience life in Japan through homestay!

At Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture,「Homestay」is prepared as a means of accommodation for our students.
Homestay families are located within 60-70 minutes of the school, and living with a Japanese family will help you improve your Japanese.
Also, through everyday meals and living the day-to-day life with a host family, you will be able to personally experience Japanese culture itself.
As your coordinator, I would like to introduce the family that suits you.

Homestay Q & A

Sample Homestay Fees

  Term Fees
Homestay 4 weeks(28 nights) 94,000yen
12 weeks(84 nights) 262,000yen
Fee Includes
Placement Fee, breakfast & dinner for weekdays, 3meals for weekends

International Guesthouse/Share House

July/August 2023 shared houses/apartments are now full

At Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture, we arrange share houses and apartments for students to stay. The share houses introduced by our school also have Japanese people living there, so you can enjoy making friends while experiencing a new lifestyle.

For those who want to live alone, we also introduce furnished apartments.
Another advantage over homestay is that the distance to the school is closer, within 30-40 minutes.
We will introduce a house that suits your needs, such as budget and location.

Guest house Fees

Guest house 1month 65,000yen~
Initial cost(Placement Fee +Deposit) 25,000yen


Be Good Japan

DKhouse Shinkoiwa

Sakura house

Airport Pickup

If you wish, we can provide an airport pick-up service at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.
We will support you from the airport to your accommodation, so you can come to Japan with peace of mind.

Flow from airport arrival to accommodation

  1. Students arrive at the gate / Airport staff will meet them
  2. Students board the limousine bus (airport staff will not be on board)
  3. Students will be met at the exit by the accommodation staff or host family.
  4. Arrive at accommodation with accommodation staff or host family

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Life in Tokyo Your Guide -Website for Foreign Residents in Tokyo