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Manga course Curriculum

In the course, you will learn how to draw a face and whole body in Manga and above all, you will learn how to draw characters in different genres of Japanese Manga such as Ninja, Teen Drama, Adventure, etc. Using the same dip pen used by professional writers, the curriculum progresses through practical exercises and detailed instructions easy to understand for beginners.

The collaboration course consists of 16 lessons in 3 months, including digital coloring exercises using computer programs, and aims to accomplish an illustration of each participant's original character by the end of the course. As an out of classroom exercise, a sightseeing tour of Akihabara, the Mecca of Manga and animation, is scheduled. The course consists of such an attractive curriculum!

About Manga(Comic) Course?

Curriculum of Manga course

1.Orientation to the course and outlook of Japanese Manga

Self-introduction of the participants and orientation to the course; Exercises; Drawing with a dip pen, filling in procedure, whitening out with liquid and screentones.

2. Character faces

How to draw the face. Deformation theory and expressive techniques to show human feeling such as joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure.

3. Drawing the character as a whole

Positioning technique of the whole character. Head and body and their proportions. Deformation and attractive poses.

4. Character design 1

Methodology of characterization through fashion, body shape and hair style.

5. Character design 2

Drawing the character in different themes of Japanese Manga.

↑ End of 1month Course
↓ Continue to 2months and 3months Course

6. Character motion

Practice in drawing running characters. Practice in creating the side composition, or composing from a previous composition.

7. Professional Character Design

Actual hands-on experience with a professional manga artist. Lecture about the typical work of a professional manga artist.

8. How to draw the background

The basic methodology of background art (clouds and skies、trees and leaves, seas and waves).Shaving technique using screentone

9. Scene allotment

Basic description of the panel layout. Trial production of 1 page scene allotment based on an exsit story.

10. Digital production(monochrome)

Drawing Manga using "CLIP STUDIO PAINT", a piece of computer software.

↑ End of 2months Course
↓ Continue to 3months Course

11. Graduation project 1- monochrome (Draft)

Making a cover page of the manga in your debut as a professional manga artist. Drafting with a pencil.

12. Graduation project 2(Pen lining)

Making a cover page of the manga in your debut as a professional manga artist. Pen lining, putting in title (in case of handwritten)

13. Graduation project 3(Digital color)

Coloring of the project work by a computer. Coloring of the cover page

14. Graduation project 4(Completion)

Completion of the digitally colored graduation project.

15. Field trip

Observation trip regarding manga history and viewing of videos for drawing manga.

16. Final comment and graduation ceremony

Review and comment on each graduation project. Presentation of the completion certificate for the course.