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List of Partners


Educational Foundation Jikei Group


This institute will support international students actively.
4,148 students from 41 countries have graduated schools of Jikei group since 1987. Graduates work in not Japan but also all over the world. The school has "Jikei COM international center" which help international students for application procedure, visa, tuition, scholarship etc.

Category: Manga, Design, Animation, CG, Game, Product Design, Car Design

Comunication art

School of Music, Dance, Voice actor of Entertainment since 1988

school of music

School of Music and Entertainment

school of music

School of Dance, Voice actor, Actor and Make up


School of Movie and Actor – a way to Hollywood-


School of IT and Design – students from 23 countries create their idea using computers



Japan University of Economics Tokyo Shibuya Campus/Ikebukuro Branch


The University of Economics educates students to have practical business management skills to respond to the ongoing needs of society. Tokyo Shibuya Campus offers General Management, Information e-business, Company Management, Environmental business course and Shibuya Campus Ikebukuro offers General Management, Fashion business course.

Sociology -Economy / Management

Department of Economics Management

Workplaces after the graduation:
Company manager/sales, Trading company employment, Small business consultant, Tax accountant etc

Available Qualifications and Licenses:
A licensed tax accountant, a certified public accountant, the Business Administrator in Advanced Studies Certificate, Administrative scrivener, Sales consultant etc

Address: 24-5 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031

International students:
900 students

Recommendation entrance exam- 850,000 YEN General entrance exam- 950,000 YEN



Japan Electronics College


In 1951, Japan Electronics College was founded. The college program consists of seven faculties in game programming, computer graphic, Animation, graphic design, Music, electronics and computers. There are 14 campuses where you can access from Shinjuku, Okubo, Shin-Okubo stations on foot. The college has remained sensitive to global developments and has been committed to the training of professionals that meet the demands of society.

Game, CG, Animation, Design, IT, Music, Electronics

Game software: Game Programming, Advanced Game Programming, Game Planning, Game CG Design
Computer Graphics: High technology Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics, CG & Visual Arts
Animation: Animation, Advanced Animation
Design: Web Design, Graphic Design
IT: Web System, Mobile Application, Embedded Systems, Information Processing, Information System Development, Advanced Information Processing, Computer Network, Network Security
Music: Computer Music
Electronics: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Work Techniques, Applied Electronics Production

Workplaces after the graduation:
Konami, NTT Fanet Systems, Altech. Cyberstep, Fuji soft, Nippon Information Industry, EPIRO, ATM Japan, Tri-Ace, NHN Japan, Omnibus Japan, IMAGICA, Kikusui Electronics, ARC System works, Yasui Electronic Publishing, SIOS Technology, CGCG Studio, Telecom Animation Film, Kogawa Flexibility, ASPAC, Technopro Engineering etc

Available Qualifications and Licenses:
●Without examination
Chief Telecommunications Engineer (Work experience required)
Second-class Electrician
●Graduates are exempted from taking some of the examinations
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer (graduates are exempted morning examination), Installation Technician, Second-class Land Special Wireless Engineer (after attending seminar)
●With examination * A basic information engineer, Applied information engineer, Network specialist, Database
specialist, Information Security Specialist, Oracle master bronze/silver/gold/platinum, Cisco Career Certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), Sun Java Certification (SJC-P/SJC-D/SJC-A/SJC-WC), LPIC level 1-3, XML Master, .com master★~★★★, CG Creator examination etc * Depend on the department

1-25-4 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8522
Toll free: 0120-00-9691

International students:
less than 15%

2,260,000-2,440,000 YEN (2-year program)
The tuition will be different depending on department.
Please contact school for installment payment and tuition exemptions.


Katayanagi Institute


Tokyo University of Technology
Nihon Kogakuin College-Kamata Campus
Nihon Kogakuin College-Hachioji Campus
Kogakuin College-Hokkaido Campus

This Institute is a comprehensive University with 1 university and 3 vocational schools. The vocational schools offer practical courses in Design, Music, IT, technology, health care and sports. You can transfer to Tokyo University of Technology for further education. Manga/Animation, voice actor, actor, game creator, graphic design, interior design, director, concert event, recording creator, robots, mechanics, electronics, car mechanics, architecture, information processing, Computer network are the popular studies for international students.

Comprehensive Institute

Creators, Design, Music, IT, Technology, Health care, Sports

Workplaces after the graduation:
Music/ Automotive/ IT/ Game/ Theater/ Production/ Medical/ Food/ Construction/ Electric Industries

Available Qualifications and Licenses:
Please contact the department

5-23-22, Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-8535
Toll free 0120-123-351
1404- 1 Katakuramachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 192-0983
Toll free 0120-444-700
184-3 Satsunaicho, Noboribetsu city, Hokkaido 059-8601
Toll free 0120-666-965

International students:
Less than 10%

2,270,000 – 2,680,000 YEN depending on department (2-year program)


School of interior design ICS College of Arts

学校法人 環境造形学園 専門学校ICSカレッジオブアーツ

This institute is founded in 1963 as the first and unique training school specializing in the field of interior design in Japan.
For past nearly 50 years, the college has sent out many graduates of great talent to home and abroad by offering unique curricula. ICS will support you to achieve chances worldwide.

Interior, Architecture, Design

(Daytime course) Interior Architecture &Design course (3-year program)/ Interior Decoration course (2-year program) and Interior (2-year program) and Meister Trainee Course. (3 years)
(Night course): Interior Architecture & Design (2-year program)

Workplaces after the graduation:
Curators. Inter Space, Koizumi Sangyo, Century Home, Zetten, T&O studio,  Non-scale, Mikangumi etc

Available Qualifications and Licenses:
2nd class registered Architect, Interior Planner, Be able to take examinations that will enable them to obtain registration as timber-building-architect and Interior planner, commercial space designer, Interior coordinator, Vectorworks,

1-5-6 Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0022

International students:
International students: 26% (2010)

・Interior Architecture & Design course (3 year-program) 1,428,560 YEN/the first year
・Interior Decoration course (2 year-program) 1,407,500 YEN/ the first year
・Interior Meister Trainee course (2 year-program) 1,001,750 YEN/ the first year
・Interior Architecture & Design course (2 year-program) 547,160 YEN/ the first year