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Online Tea Ceremony Course


“Let’s learn Japanese tea ceremony which is one of the most traditional Japanese culture.”

Matcha and green tea are getting popular in all over the world. Do you know how to make tea and how to drink tea correctly? This course is 6 lessons in total. You will learn basic knowledge of Japanese tea ceremony and intended to be able to make an excellent tea “Matcha”. Lessons will be conducted via online so that you can learn about Japanese tea ceremony from anywhere in the world. If you get in touch “The way of Tea”, you could know comprehensive art of Japan and it would be sure to expand your view of the world.


Tea master of Urasenke, Sokei SATO sensei will teach.
Tea Ceremony Lessons will be provided in English.
Lessons will be conducted in real time so that you can ask questions and communicate with other students.
You can watch a video recording of each lesson for one week, so that you can review the contents by yourself.


  • Time: 15:00-16:30 (90 min) / Every Monday (in Japan)
    *All lessons will be conducted live and are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)
  • Fee: 30,000 yen (6 lessons in total)
    *A group discount (applicable to groups of 2 or more) is available to those who wish to sign up with friends and/or family. Please inquire for more details.



Winter term

January 17 to February 21
1 January 17
2 January 24
3 January 31
4 February 7
5 February 14
6 February 21

What you need to prepare at least.

Matcha, Chawan(tea bowl or cafe au lait bowl), Chasen(tea whisk)
*In the case if you cannot prepare these tools, please contact us.

Please prepare your favorite sweets and matcha before the lessons from lesson 2.

Tea Ceremony Lesson Curriculum

1. Basic knowledge of tea ceremony

  • History of tea
  • The spirits of tea ceremony
  • Tea utensils and how to handle
  • Japanese lesson for tea ceremony

2.Let’s try to make an excellent tea

  • How to make an excellent tea
  • How to eat sweets
  • How to drink tea
  • Japanese lesson for tea ceremony

3. If you are invited to the tea ceremony...

  • What you need to prepare if you are invited to the tea ceremony.
  • Good manners for tea ceremony
  • How to enter the tea room
  • Review: How to make matcha and how to eat sweets and how to drink tea
  • Japanese lesson for tea ceremony

4. Warigeiko (divided practice)

  • Type of tea: Usucha and Koicha
  • Pottery and type of tea bowls
  • Warigeiko (divided practice)
  • “Bon-Ryaku-Temae”
  • Let’s try to make excellent tea


  • Basic seven principle of Rikyu
  • How to decorate flowers
  • Warigeiko (divided practice)
  • “Bon-Ryaku-Temae”
  • Let’s try to make excellent tea

6. Organize for tea ceremony by yourself

  • Last performance of your temae

*Please note that the content of the lecture is subject to change.


Name: Sokei SATO (佐藤 宗桂) 

Instructor of Urasenke
55 years involved in tea ceremony
Giving tea ceremony lessons in English for the students of Kudan Institute
Providing tea ceremony lessons to Japanese regularly

Work experience:

After working as an international flight attendant at Japan Airlines, I engaged in the projects for promoting economic relations between EU and Japan at EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation which is conducted by the governments of EU and Japan. I was in charge of the international conference as a secretariat and also the internship programme for university students of EU and Japan as Programme Manager. While working, organized tea ceremony for VIPs, businessmen and students from overseas.

Photos from the course

Impressions from Online Tea Ceremony Course Students

Indonesian student (taking a course from Indonesia)

It is very important for us to pay attention to Sensei and Sensei is very humble, willing to answer every question if we have, so we must ask Sensei if you not clear with something.

Australian student (taking a course from Singapore)

After this course, now I know Chado is not just making a cup of green tea that simple, I’m glad I did attend this course, highly recommend for those who are interested. Teacher is friendly and well experienced.

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