Discover Kabuki 外国人のための歌舞伎鑑賞教室


開催日: 06/23(金)

Discover Kabuki 外国人のための歌舞伎鑑賞教室


Date: 6月23日(金)14:30~16:05

Place: 国立劇場(こくりつげきじょう/National Theatre) 大劇場(だいげきじょう/Big Theatre)in 半蔵門


Price: 1800yen

Kabuki Performance for Beginners
Part 1: Guidance “How to Appreciate KABUKI”
Part 2: Experience the live performance of Kabuki “Nihon Furisode Hajime”(Yamata no Orochi and Susanoo no Mikoto)
In this Kabuki Appreciation Class, popular Kabuki performances are introduced by a fine Kabuki cast for as many people as possible to casually experience the fascinating world of Kabuki with its history of 400 years. The Guidance “How to Appreciate KABUKI” that precedes the performance also enjoys tremendous popularity, where Kabuki actors give clear and detailed explanations of the highlights of the performance. In addition to a free Kabuki handbook and program, subtitles are also provided this time, making it an excellent opportunity for beginners to enjoy and understand Kabuki.

Running Time Approximately 1 hours 35 minutes including intermission

Audio guide: Available for rent only in Japanese or English.
*Subtitles: Available in English. Displayed on screen above and beside the stage.

*Multilingual booklet: Available for free in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean Spanish, French and Japanese.