Comic market basic knowledge.

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Are you ready to comic market85?
Today introduce comic market basic knowledge.

What is the Comic Market?

Comic Market's Website for Overseas Attendees

The Comic Market (Comiket)is a marketplace where individuals can offer their own selfproduced creations to a community that appreciates and supports such creative personal activities. Comiket primarily focuses on acting as a communal exchange place for self-published books,known as dojinshi. Japanese dictionaries define dojinshi as-self published material aimed toward like minded individuals and the Comic Market invites any publication (books, music,films, software, etc.) published by individuals that are not available through standard commercial outlets. Applications for booths are processed prior to the event. You cannot apply for a booth at Comiket itself.

Navigating Comiket – A Beginner’s Guide(PDF document)

The next Comiket in Tokyo Big Sight will take place in the Winter, December 29,30,31 in 2013.

The contents changes depending on the day.
You should check to comic market catalog, So If you want to buy your favorite doujin-shi.

Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)

For information regarding access to the Tokyo Big Site, visit:


Access from Kudan.

For Beginner’s.

Comiket is no ordinary event.
It is very crowded and massive. We recommend first time visitors to come past 12 noon to avoid long lines.

Navigating Comiket – A Beginner’s Guide(PDF document)

●Comic Market’s for Overseas Attendees(PDF document)



Arround convenience store waiting for the fighters of Comiket!!

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