Interview with Kudan student. Zi(America)

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Zi Meyer(America)

What type of Visa do you have?How long have you studied in Kudan Institite?
I have a student visa. I’ve studied at Kudan back in 2014 and 2015 for about 1-2 months. This year I’ve studied for about 3 months so far, but I plan to study until September 2018.
What is the purpose of your visit to Japan?
I want to become fluent in Japanese so I can attend a Japanese university.
Why did you choose the Kudan Institute?
I’ve previously gone to this school and enjoyed the school. I like the idea of being immersed into the Japanese language. I think it really helps you grow in learning and understanding Japanese.
How is your class・activity and support in Kudan Institute?
 I like that my classroom has a positive atmosphere. I’m always greeted with energetic teachers that make the learning experience better. I always meet such interesting and wonderful classmates every time I studied at Kudan.
I love the variety of activities Kudan offers for the students. I’ve only attended one which was an exchange event, and I enjoyed it very much.
What can you say to those students thinking about trying to study in Kudan school.
If you’re looking for a school that offers a variety courses and activities, Kudan is a great place to attend.
Currently accepting Student Visa applications for January 2025.


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