就職準備&ビジネス日本語コース(オンライン)募集開始!About Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course

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We will start a new course “Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course” starting from October 3(Sat), 2020. 

We had Job Hunting Support Course for non-Japanese who wish to land a job at a Japanese company. 

This time, this course is not only for people who wish to land a job at a Japanese company but also for people who wish to improve their business Japanese and communication skills. 

Lesson start from 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30am on Saturday so that you can use your free time after work or your day off.  

This course will be conducted entirely online so that you can also take this course from outside of Japan!

You can prepare for a job in Japan while your are in your country! All lessons will be conducted live and are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST), so please be careful about the time.


ホームページはこちら(日本語)→ https://www.kudan-japanese-school.com/jp/online-business-japanese.php

英語English → https://www.kudan-japanese-school.com/en/online-business-japanese.php


申し込み条件 Conditions for application

※コースは全て日本語で行いますので日本語日常会話程度理解が出来る方が対象となります。JLPT N3相当以上の日本語力の方

*This course will be conducted in Japanese, so a minimum of daily conversation Japanese skill is required. Japanese language skills above JLPT N3

日程 Timeframe & Class Schedule: 10月3日(土)~12月24日(木)12週間 (週3回)October 3 (Sat) ~ December 24 (Thu) 12 weeks, three days a week, six class periods per week

時間 Schedule: 火曜&木曜20:00~20:50 土曜10:30~14:00 Tuesday・Thursday 20:00-20:50 Saturday 10:30-14:00

※ライブレッスンのため日本時間にて対応しています。※All lessons will be conducted live and are scheduled on Japan Standard Time (JST)

定員 Capacity: 最大8名 最小1名 Maximum 8 people ( Minimum of 1 )

料金 Fees: 90,000円(税込)/ 94.000円*テキスト代、送料含む(税込み) 90,000 yen (Tax inc.)/94,000 yen*Textbook and shipping costs are included. (Tax inc.)

使用アプリApp : ZOOM

授業内容 Content of lessons: ※参加者の要望に合わせて変更の可能性あり *Curriculum may be subject to change based on requests from course participants.

  • 敬語の復習、TPOをわきまえた日本語の使い方 Reviewing keigo (Japanese honorific words) and how to use the Japanese language appropriately in the context of time, place, and occasion
  • 日本の就職活動と現状、VISAの種類 Job search situation in Japan, types of visas
  • 自己分析と自己PR、志望動機 Self-analysis and promoting oneself, motives for one’s application
  • 履歴書、職務経歴書、送付状、送付メールの書き方 How to write a resume, CV, cover letter, and application emails
  • オンライン就職面接練習 Online job interview practice
  • 就職セミナー、求人の探し方、求人サイトの紹介 Job hunting seminar, how to find jobs, introduction to recruiting websites
  • 日本の企業文化の理解とビジネスマナー、コミュニケーション Understanding Japanese corporate culture, business manners, and communication
  • 報告する、連絡する、相談する Reporting, contacting, and conferring with others
  • プレゼンテーションする Giving a presentation
  • ビジネス電話応対 Answering business phone calls
  • 訪問する、接待する Visiting clients, serving customers
  • 会議に参加する Attending a meeting






You can join the course even after it has started! 

You might want to know who will be the teachers? 

Here is the answers! Check these photos!




Yes, Morikawa sensei and Tsunoda sensei will teach you business Japanese. 

Kitagawa sensei will give you some practical lessons. 

Teachers will fix your resume and CV to make it better. And teachers will teach you how to write a resume and CV from scratch.

You will practice for job interview and can also learn business Japanese and communication skills necessary for success after finding employment such as giving a presentation, answering business phone calls.





You will be taught by these teachers you know well!

Of course you are welcome to study at the Kudan Institute even if you have never studied before. 

We are waiting to hear from you all! 

Currently accepting Student Visa applications for July 2024.


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