オンライン就職準備&ビジネス日本語コース Online Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course

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Since the beginning of this month, we have received inquiries from several people about “Online Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course”.

The October term of this course will start on October 2nd.

I would like to introduce to you what the course is about.



First of all, please watch the interview of a student who participated in this course.


就職準備&ビジネス日本語コース Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course

*以下、すべて日本時間  All time are Japan time.

日程  Schedule

2021年10月2日(土)~12月23日(木) 12週間

October 2 (Sat), 2021~December 23 (Thu), 2021  12 weeks

時間  Time

火曜&木曜 20:00-20:50  Tue & Thu 20:00-20:50

土曜 10:30-14:00  Sat 10:30-14:00

申込条件  Application Requirement

JLPT N3相当以上の日本語力を有する方

Have Japanese language skills equivalent to JLPT N3 or higher.

定員  Capacity

8名  8students for one class

特徴  Features


All classes are live lessons.


Students practice the knowledge the have learned on Sat on Tue and Thu.

前半6週間;就職活動対応 後半6週間;ビジネス日本語・マナー

First 6 weeks for job hunting, Second 6 weeks for business Japanese and manners.

授業内容(一部)  Contents

☆前半パート:就職活動対応 First half part job hunting

自己分析、業種・職種・企業分析、求人の探し方・求人サイトについて  Self-analysis, industry/occupation/company-analysis, how to look for jobs and job sites


I want to find a job in Japan, but I don’t know where to strart.


I’ve registered with a lot of job sites, but I don’t really know how to use them, and which ones are the best for me ?


自己PR、履歴書、志望動機の書き方  How to write personal statement, resume, and motivation


I’ve already obtained JLPT N1 and my educational background is fine. But for some reason, my application didn’t pass the screening.

面接の受け方・マナー(質疑応答、面接の約束メール)  Interview etiquette (Questions and answers, interview appintment e-mails)


I always get nervous in interviews and can not say what I want to say.


I was laughed at by the interviewer during the interview. But I don’t know why they laughed at me.


If I could not tell them all the good things about myself, why am I out after just one interview?


このような方にもおすすめ  Recommended  for the following people


You are a part-time worker and want to take your career to the next level.


You are confident in face to face interviews, but when it comes to online interviews, you do not do well at all.

☆後半パート:ビジネス日本語・マナー Second half part Business Japanese and manners

ビジネスメール、電話、アポイント、会社訪問、プレゼン  Business e-mails, phone calls, appointments, company visits, presentations


I finally got an appointment. But I’m not sure if I can talk to the person without being rude.


I’m afraid to answer the phone at work. If I don’t answer, my boss will get angry, and even if I do answer, I don’t have the confidence to speak well.






Thank you for reading to the end.

This course you can observe for free.

The following two lessons are available for observation in September.

There is a limit to the number of students who observe, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

① 9月16日(木)20:00-20:15 *見学申込期限 2021年9月15日18:00

Thu, September 16, 20:00-20:15 *Application deadline is 18:00 on September 15, 2021.

② 9月18日(土)10:30-11:00 *見学申込期限 2021年9月16日18:00

Sat, September 18, 10:30-11:00 *Application deadline is 18:00 on September 16, 2021.


就職準備&ビジネス日本語コース| 九段日本語学院、東京の日本語学校 (kudan-japanese-school.com)


Online Job Hunting Support & Business Japanese Course| Kudan Institute of Japanese Language Tokyo (kudan-japanese-school.com)


就业准备&商务日语课程|九段日本语学院 东京国际化日语学校 (kudan-japanese-school.com)

<中文 (繁體字)>

就業準備&商務日語課程| 日本语学校、到东京留学的话、九段日本语学院就对了 (kudan-japanese-school.com)


비즈니스 일본어 및 취업 준비 코스| 구단일본어학원・도쿄에 있는 일본어학교 (kudan-japanese-school.com)

Currently accepting Student Visa applications for January 2025.

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