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“Online Daily Life Japanese Course” will start from next month late September.

What is “Online Daily Life Japanese Course”?

Let’s look at this video first.


The first term of this course was held in July and August.

So today,  I would like to share with you the views of two students who took part in the first course.


1. Why did you apply for the the course?
2. What was good about it?

Philippine student 菲律賓學生

1. I applied for the course to review what I had previously learned. I stopped studying after passing my JLPT N5 exam for a variety of reasons, so I wanted to take it slow and relearn the lessons.
1. 我申請這個課程是為了複習我以前學過的日語. 由於各種原因, 我在通過日語能力考試N5之後就停止了學習, 所以我想了慢慢地重新學習這個課程.

2. It was fun, and I learned a lot even when the class was short. Watanabe-sensei was very accomodating.
2. 這個課程很有趣, 雖然課時很短, 不過我學到了很多. Watanabe sensei 是位很待人親切的老師.

German student 德國學生

1. I studied at Kudan before and I really enjoyed it! Since coming back to Germany I hadn’t had an opportunity to keep up with my Japanese so I unfortunately forgot a lot. That’s why I applied for this course so that I can remember all of it.
1. 我以前在九段學習過, 當時我蠻開心地學習! 自從回到德國後, 我一直沒有機會繼續學習日語, 所以很不幸忘記了很多. 於是為了再想起日語,報名了這個課程.

2. I liked that we were a small course so the teacher could help us individually. The text book has a good structure as well.
2. 我很滿意因為是少數人班,所以老師個別的幫助我們的學習. 教材的結構也很好.


If you are interested in this course, please visit the website below.  Welcome your inquiries!

Online Daily Life Japanese Course | Kudan Institute of Japanese Language Tokyo (


在線生活日語課程| 日本语学校、到东京留学的话、九段日本语学院就对了 (

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