Online Private Lessonのご利用方法 自分だけのJLPT日本語能力試験対策 Online Private Lesson for JLPT preparation




あなたのJLPT対策、九段のOnline Private Lessonを利用してみませんか。

12月に行われるJLPT 日本語能力試験まで約6週間となりました。


Why don’t you use Kudan Online Private Lesson for your JLPT preparation?

There are only about 6 weeks until the JLPT test in December.

If you have any of the following problems, Online Private Lesson is recommended!!

学習における悩みも要求も人それぞれ  Everyone has different needs and concerns in learning Japanese


I would like to join a preparation course, but I don’t have the time.


I can pass the exam if I can do the listening questions well, so I want my teacher to teach me how to solve the listening questions.


I want my teacher to teach me the details in English.


I don’t really understand the explanations in the textbook by myself. I want to deepen my understanding by asking teacher my questions.


九段のOnline Private Lessonの特徴 Features of Kudan Online Private Lesson

① 自分の好きな時間にレッスン(平日/土曜 21:00頃まで)

Lessons at a time that suits you best (weekdays and Saturdays until around 21:00 Japan time)


Teachers with a lot of experience in online lessons.


Customize the lesson contents according to your weak points.



You can change the date and time of the lesson up to 24 hours in advance (if the lesson is on Monday, you must contact us before Friday of the previous week)

*You can only change the date and time of each lesson once.


It is also possible to take semi-private lesson with your friends who has the same goal and Japanese level.

Welcome to your inquiry


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