“High in Contrast”

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Compared with my hometown in Germany, Tokyo has 18-times more citizens.

So, it’s no wonder that the part of the city I am living in seems for me very big and like a concluded city. And every other area I visit seems as another concluded city.

I have never noticed a town in Germany with the same variety and diversity.

For example, when I walked around the area between Imperial Palace and Tokyo

Central Station, the contrast between modern architecture and the historic Imperial palace was overwhelming.





While walking along high-rise buildings and through busy businessmen and women, I felt the bustling activities of Tokyo.

Completely contrary to this, did I feel a calmed down and relaxing atmosphere after entering Kokyo Higashi Kouen.


I was favourably impressed after walking a few steps and entering the Ni-No-Maru Garden.

On the edge of the park (with a beautiful lake) is a very nice tea house standing in a gorgeous nature. It was so quiet and I felt completely comfortable with being there.

Nearly one place in Tokyo with two quite different faces. Simply amazing!

Juliane (Kudan English Teacher)


2013年10月31日 木曜日 4:48 PM Category: Contribution, Diary.