Interview with Kudan graduate. Caroline (Sweden)

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Caroline (Sweden)

進学までの日本語経歴 Japanese study history
九段日本語学院 1年9ヶ月→ 専門学校ヒコ・みづのジュエリーカレッジ
Kudan Japanese Institute(1year and 9months study) → HIKO MIZUNO COLLEGE OF JEWELRY.
自己紹介 Self-introduction

My name is Caroline and I come from Sweden. I studied 1 year and 9 months at Kudan Institute before getting into vocational school in Japan.

私の夢 My dream・日本に来た理由 Reasons to come to Japan

The reason I came to Japan at first was because I wanted to be able to speak Japanese. While I was studying Japanese I started thinking about what I wanted to do after my Japanese studies were over. By chance I found out about the school I’m going to now and thought: I want to study this! This is what I want to do in the future! Since I was little I loved making things so the urge of wanting to make jewelry became strong.

九段の勉強は? About Study in Kudan Japanese Institute?
My studies at Kudan were fun! I think the Japanese grammar is quite difficult but the teachers’ explanations and examples made it more easier to understand. My Japanese grammar and vocabulary became better really fast which surprised me.
The school’s atmosphere is diligent and at the same time enjoyable and my studies were going well. I also practiced with my classmates which made it more interesting and it made me remember my Japanese studies more easily.
When I started worrying about what I should study next I consulted the teachers and they made me feel more relieved. When I decided on my vocational school I started the procedure of handing in papers and preparing for my interview, which was difficult, but I got help from my teachers and for that I’m really grateful.
専門学校でどんな勉強している? What do you study in your Vocational school?

Right now I’m studying jewelry making. I’m studying jewelry making techniques, and also gems and design. The jewelry making lessons are fun and difficult at some times, but it feels good to have a challenge! The studies of gems in Japanese is probably the most challenging, but it is also very interesting and I’m having fun with my studies.

日本留学を考えているみなさんへ For everyone thinking to study abroad in Japan.


When I started my adventure in Japan, I had some worries, but when I came here I started to find my life here very enjoyable! At first you may not know the language and the culture very well but you will be able to learn all that at Kudan, so don’t worry. When you start to know the language and the culture more and more you will be able to have more fun and be able to go about your everyday with ease.
When you come to Japan good luck! Have fun with both your studies and your life here in Japan!

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