Interview with Kudan graduate. Christian(Swiss)

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Christian(Swiss) 2014 Graduate



Please tell us your thoughts about Kudan. (The things you enjoyed, the things that were difficult for you, etc.)


My two years learning Japanese in Kudan was one of the best experience I did. I met a lot of nice people from all around the world. Learning Japanese wasn’t an easy task (especially Japanese characters “kanjis”), but I had good teachers in Kudan and the lessons were never annoying.


Please tell us about why you chose to work in Japan, as well as details about your current job.

私の仕事はエンジニアとして工場の工作機械の設計をしています。I married a Japanese and I didn’t want to go home without experimenting a little bit more the Japanese life. I thought it was an important part that would help me understand more the Japanese. And it helped me a lot.
About my job, I am a design engineer and I design conveyors for the machining tools industry.

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Please share your advice to those who might be interested in studying in Japan.


Don’t hesitate too much and do it! You will have a great experience for sure!
I choose also “homestay” as accommodation. I would recommend it if you are from a country outside Asia. But of course you will have a little bit less freedom that sharing an apart with other students. A homestay family will be able to answer all the questions you may have about Japan and Japanese culture.

Currently accepting Student Visa applications for January 2025.

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