Interview with Kudan graduate.【Jordan(USA)】

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自己紹介 Self-introduction
Hello, everyone! My name is Jordan. I am from Seattle, WA, USA. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan.
My first trip to Japan was in 2015 for three months on a Tourist Visa. While there, I made a friend, who was a student at KILC. He introduced me to KILC. In 2016, I came back to Japan as a KILC student with a Student Visa. Then, in 2017, I was hired by an English education company in Chiba, Japan. I was able to get an Instructor Visa from the company and have been working and living here ever since.
私の夢 My dream・日本に来た理由 Reasons to come to Japan
My reason for coming to Japan was to learn Judo at the Kodokan. The Kodokan is the birthplace of Judo. My dream was to earn my Judo Shodan(first degree black belt). All practices are in Japanese, so I needed to learn Japanese in order to understand my Judo teachers.
九段日本語学院の勉強は? About Study in Kudan Japanese Institute?
I was a KILC student for one year(2016-2017). I was enrolled in the Conversation Course the entire time (CC Level 0-3). I went to KILC in the morning, then went to Judo practice at night. I enjoyed learning Japanese because my teachers were very enthusiastic during lessons. I had a good time making funny Japanese skits with my classmates. While at KILC, I made many friends from around the world. Also, I got to learn and experience various aspects of Japanese culture when KILC had an event or trip. Lastly, I was able to live in Japan because I was studying Japanese. It was a challenge for me to learn Japanese, but the teachers and staff were patient, thoughtful and encouraging. KILC was very helpful with my transitions with moving to Japan, as well as finishing school to work. I am grateful to KILC.
今はどんな仕事をしていますか?What is your job?
I am an Assistant Language Teacher(ALT). I work at an English education company. My company works with various school districts around Japan. Basically, ALT’s are dispatched to various schools with a contracted school district. My role is to assist the Japanese Teachers of English(JTE) during English lessons.
特にどんな時に日本語を使っているかなども教えてください When do you use Japanese?
I use Japanese in my daily life and when I practice at the Kodokan. I often talk with my Judo teachers and friends. At work, I strictly use English. However, I am surrounded by teachers and students who use Japanese all day. So, I am constantly listening to Japanese. This has helped me to maintain my level of Japanese. Even though I am no longer a KILC student, I still try to study on my own. Studying Japanese is still a challenge, but it is interesting.
仕事が休みの時は何をしていますか?(趣味など)What do you do in your free time?(hobby)
My hobbies are Judo, traveling, watching Youtube videos and going to Language Exchange Parties(English/Japanese).

For everyone thinking about working in Japan
For KILC students(Native English Speakers) interested in teaching English in Japan:
• Being in Japan is the best way to get a teaching job in Japan.
• In Japan, the school year begins in April. So, your best chance to get hired is from January to March.
• That said, English education companies around Japan are always looking for new teachers year round(Ex. Interac, JET Program, Gaba)
• If you desire to teach in Japan after graduating KILC, start planning as soon as you arrive.
• Go online and do your research. There are tons of teaching jobs in Japan.
• Apply to as many job openings as possible. The job posts have all the information needed.
• You do not need any teaching experience. Companies will train all new teachers.
• A general requirement is having a bachelor’s degree(BA).
• Be willing to commute or move away from Tokyo.
Currently accepting Student Visa applications for July 2024.


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