What is your Japanese animal sign? あなたの干支を知っていますか?

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The Japanese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle.

Each year has a symbolic animal.

In order, the 12 animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster/Chicken, Dog, Boar.

2020 is the year of the  Rat.

Check your animal signs.

Birth Year Animal sign Animal sign chinese character Hiragana
1960 rat ね(ねずみ)
1961 bull うし
1962 tiger とら
1963 rabbit う(うさぎ)
1964 dragon たつ
1965 snake み(へび)
1966 horse うま
1967 sheep ひつじ
1968 monkey さる
1969 rooster とり
1970 dog いぬ
1971 boar い(いのしし)
1972 rat ね(ねずみ)
1973 bull うし
1974 tiger とら
1975 rabbit う(うさぎ)
1976 dragon たつ
1977 snake み(へび)
1978 horse うま
1979 sheep ひつじ
1980 monkey さる
1981 rooster とり
1982 dog いぬ
1983 boar い(いのしし)
1984 rat ね(ねずみ)
1985 bull うし
1986 tiger とら
1987 rabbit う(うさぎ)
1988 dragon たつ
1989 snake み(へび)
1990 horse うま
1991 sheep ひつじ
1992 monkey さる
1993 rooster とり
1994 dog いぬ
1995 boar い(いのしし)
1996 rat ね(ねずみ)
1997 bull うし
1998 tiger とら
1999 rabbit う(うさぎ)
2000 dragon たつ
2001 snake み(へび)
2002 horse うま
2003 sheep ひつじ
2004 monkey さる
2005 rooster とり
2006 dog いぬ
2007 boar い(いのしし)
2008 rat
2009 bull
2010 tiger
2011 rabbit う(うさぎ)
2012 dragon たつ
2013 snake み(へび)
2014 horse うま
2015 sheep ひつじ
2016 monkey さる
2017 rooster とり
2018 dog いぬ
2019 boar い(いのしし)
2020 rat ね(ねずみ)
2021 bull うし
2022 tiger とら
2023 rabbit う(うさぎ)





The Origin of the Japanese Zodiac

Once upon a time, at the end of a year, the god told the animals, “On the morning of New Year’s Day, the twelfth person from the first to the twelfth who comes to greet the New Year will become the chief of the animals in turn for one year.
When the animals heard this, they waited for New Year’s Day to come.
However, the cat forgot the day he was to go to the gods, and when he asked the mouse, the mouse told him it was the morning of January 2nd, a false date, so he could not participate.

The cow, who was big and slow to walk, got ready in the night and left while it was still dark.
A mouse saw what was happening and secretly jumped on the cow’s back.
Unaware of this, the cow was the first to arrive at God’s house on the morning of New Year’s Day.
When the gate was opened to welcome the overjoyed cow, the mouse jumped off the cow’s back and ran through the gate to be the first to arrive.
The cow, who had been beaten to the punch by the mouse, came in second, followed by the tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, and boar.

The cat, who was lied to by the mouse, still hates the mouse and chases it around.

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