Interview with Kudan graduate. 採訪九段畢業 Joyce (Taiwan)

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Joyce (Taiwan)

就職までの日本語経歴 Japanese study history

Before I come to Tokyo, I only learned katakana, hirakana and JLPT N5 level grammar. I was assigned to N4 entry level class in Kudan at first, after 18 month, I graduated from school as the advanced level class student also passed N1 exam.
I started my job hunting 6 month before my graduation with only N2 level Japanese back then, but luckily I got 4 offers from different companies. I enter the company I am now in right after I graduated from Kudan.

自己紹介 Self-introduction
I am a Taiwanese girl with bachelor degree in philosophy. I came to japan after graduated from college.
私の夢 My dream・日本に来た理由 Reasons to come to Japan

I always want to work in foreign country in my 20s and 30s. After graduated from college, I feel there is still lot more to learn and eager to study a new language. Japan is close to Taiwan and Japanese is a strong language in Asia. Also, with the huge population, the market here is larger than Taiwan. I know I can learn more in Japan. and with its unique culture, it is quite interesting to live here, there are always so much to observe and to be inspired.

九段の勉強は? About Study in Kudan Japanese Institute?

I was in Kudan for 18month. I love the teachers and the support the school gave me. The staffs were nice to me and always helpful for any study or life problems. After knowing I want to find a job here, the teacher introduced me to some HR company. The job I am having now was also introduced by the principle directly.

今はどんな仕事をしていますか?What is your job? What would you feel like your job?

I am working in a cosmetic company as HR now. There are some foreign branches in the company, so I also go to foreign countries for business trip sometimes.
Japanese company has lots of rules and the company culture here is very different for foreigner especially for the newly graduate. Working in japan is challenging but also able to learn a lot.

日本留学を考えているみなさんへ For everyone thinking to study abroad in Japan.

Learn English! Japanese are famous for weak language skill, if you can speak at least 2 language means you have a huge advantage. However, English is still the most useful language, try to learn more English if you are not English native speaker. Also, most of the Japanese companies has lots of rules, but be yourself. They want to hire foreigners because they need our point of views. Maintain your uniqueness and never try to be like them. We are always going to be the outsider.

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