Interview with Kudan graduate.Sharda KC.(Nepal)

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Sharda KC.(Nepal)

Student at Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, JapanThe Japanese language I studied at, Kudan Institute, is very much helpful to my day to day life here in Kyoto. For my studies in the university, I use the English language, but to communicate with friends or in shops, I need to use Japanese. I got the scholarship from Kobayashi Foundation while studying at Kyoto University and one of the criteria for scholarship was the ability to communicate in Japanese. Without the lessons I acquired in Kudan, I would not be able to get the scholarship as well. I would like to thank all the teachers and staff members of Kudan for providing me the guidance in learning Japanese.

Research Title:
Evaluation of Feasibility of Ecological Sanitation in Central Nepal
Almost half of the world’s population lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Thus, appropriate sanitation technologies are urgently needed. Nepal inhabits a large population without access to any sanitation facility, and continuously strives to ensure 100% sanitation coverage nationwide. Urine diverting pit latrines, introduced as ecological sanitation, can be defined as water conserving and nutrient recycling system for use of human urine and excreta in agriculture. In Nepal, every year 180,000 ton of chemical fertilizers are imported. Ecological sanitation would count a lot to utilize locally available resources, to regenerate soil fertility, to save national currency and to achieve the goal of elimination open defecation in Nepal. The objectives of the research were to test the efficacy of human urine for improving crop performance and to evaluate the feasibility of ecological sanitation in rural area of Central Nepal.

Advice to juniors
In Japan, Japanese language is very important because most of the people don’t want to communicate in English. Please study hard and try to communicate although you do not know well. It helps to improve you a lot. Always concentrate on the reasons why you are here far from your country, and work hard. One day you will fulfill your dream.
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