Manga course class report (Vol5)!!

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SAI lesson was taught by Babiry sensei.
Her drowing is very fantastic.
Babiry’s pixiv ……「ばびりぃ」のプロフィール [pixiv]

What is SAI?

You can try it 30days!
SYSTEMAX Software Development – PaintTool SAI

SAI is a lightweight painting application. The user interface allows multiple documents to be opened at the same time. The drawing canvas can be both zoomed and rotated using the sliders on the navigator or the hotkeys configured on the keyboard. The toolbar on the top part of the screen also includes a button to mirror the drawing view without mirroring the actual drawing. It is also possible to open multiple viewports to the same document. An application-wide scratchpad (which can be used as a color mixing panel) is provided, which is saved between sessions. Colors can be stored in the swatches panel.

SAI (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Great works!!
Thank you so much!

猿川一郎作品(Sarukawa Ichiro Product)


青い黒崎作品(Aoi Kurosaki Product)

To be next new term……

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