My 8th week at Kudan and Mangajuku

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The 8th week was the 2nd to the last week of the manga course, so for the last 2 posts, I’d like to focus solely on the manga course activities.

Basically the whole week was allocated for working on our graduation projects – the cover pages I mentioned in the previous post. The first day was dedicated to mostly finishing the inking traditionally. I inked as much as I can, keeping in mind that I can eventually make corrections and adjustments after it gets scanned.

Once my linework was scanned, I went on to apply the base colors, and mentally pictured how to finish
the artwork. The sensei was very helpful, providing feedback, giving me tips and helping out with the program menus and buttons since they were all in Japanese.

What was fun to see was that everyone in class working on their own pieces. We worked on things individually of course, but from time to time we would give other other feedback, ask questions to each other, and get inspired by each other’s efforts. Personally it was a great learning experience to be able to observe how each student in the class interpreted what an effective cover page should look like for their respective “manga”.
The final week of the course was nearing and I think that everyone felt the inevitable end to this whole experience.

Mark Vincent Pelingon

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