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The long-awaited your trip to Japan , study abroad to Japan, or moving to Japan.

Isn’t it a pity that you miss a chance in Japan only because you can’t speak Japanese?

Actually there are also many Japanese restaurants where only Japanese is spoken.

Would you think that it would be nice if you could have a meal at a restaurant that you happened to find by yourself that is not in your guidebook.

In such cases, if you have studied Japanese, don’t worry even if all the restaurant staffs only speak Japanese.


When you get lost in Japan, there are places where there is no Wifi and you cannot use the apps on your phone.

Rather than relying on your phone, it’s more convenient to ask someone on the spot isn’t it.

If you can ask someone, they might know better than your apps or recommend places that only people living in the area know.


Google maps and other apps are also very convenient, but it would be smarter if you can do “it” yourself !


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オンライン日本語入門コース| 九段日本語学院、東京の日本語学校 (


Online Japanese Course for Beginners| Kudan Institute of Japanese Language Tokyo (


在线日语入门课程|九段日本语学院 东京国际化日语学校 (

<中文 (繁體字)>

在線日語入門課程| 日本语学校、到东京留学的话、九段日本语学院就对了 (


여름방학 단기집중 일본어 초보코스 | 구단일본어학원・도쿄에 있는 일본어학교 (



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