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Today, we have some valuable information for Kudan students!





Where do you usually eat lunch?

Some of you have it at home, buy bento (lunch box) from a convenience store, or have a meal with your friends around our school.However, don’t you sometimes have a difficult time thinking about what to eat for lunch?




Don’t you know that teachers also go through the same trouble of thinking about what to eat?

LUNCH PASSPORT ランチパスポート という本です。

This is a book called “LUNCH PASSPORT”.





This book can be accessed in several areas of Japan. The one shown above caters to Jimbocho, Suidobashi, and Ochanomizu. The books costs 980 yen, however, you can only have a meal for the price of 540 yen even if the actual cost is around 800~900 yen.
Below is a sample of the book’s contents.



As you can see, there are 3 spaces for 3 stamps. When using LUNCH PASSPORT, you need to show this to the shop’s staff and let them put a stamp.



There are several things to be aware of when using LUNCH PASSPORT.


① ランチパスポートには有効期限がある LUNCH PASSPORT has an expiration date.


You can use LUNCH PASSPORT VOL.5 from April 8th to July 7th, 2016.


② ランチパスポートのメニューしか頼めない  You can order food only from LUNCH PASSPORT’s menu.


Meals that can be ordered at a 540 yen cost are written on each of the shops’ pages.

You can only get this offer on LUNCH PASSPORT’s menu.


③ 同じ店には、3回しか行けない   You can go to the same restaurant for only 3 times with LUNCH PASSPORT’s price.



Since there are only 3 spaces for 3 stamps, you can have lunch with LUNCH PASSPORT’s price for only 3 times at each restaurant. (As you can imagine, restaurants will not be able to make a profit if you can get a discount all the time).


④ 利用可能時間がある There is a fixed schedule when using LUNCH PASSPORT.


Each restaurant might have a certain time schedule. Usually, restaurants set up a time for using LUNCH PASSPORT. “パスポート利用可能時間 11:30-13:30” means you can use your LUNCH PASSPORT only until 13:30. “なくなり次第終了” means that if all the meals are sold out, they cannot provide you the LUNCH PASSPORT menu. Therefore, it is better to go to the restaurants earlier. Also, most of the restaurants do not allow you to use LUNCH PASSPORT on Saturdays, Sundays, and on national holidays.



If you try walking around outside during lunch time, you will sometimes be able to see office workers carrying their wallets and the LUNCH PASSPORT book.






If you have decided on where to go for lunch, take your LUNCH PASSPORT and wallet.

If you arrive late, please ask “Mada passport wa tsukaemasuka?(Can I still use my lunch passport?)”. The staff will say “Daijobu desu(You can use it)or “Sumimasen mou owatteshimaimashita(Sorry, it has finished)“.



You can buy LUNCH PASSPORT at several book stores or convenience stores. I got it at Seven Eleven which is close to school. It’s better to buy at book stores or convenience stores around the area where you wish to use it. If you want to buy the one which you can use around Suidobashi, it’s better to go to book stores or convenience stores in Suidobashi, Jimbocho, or Kudanshita.



Enjoy your lunch today!



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