Interview with Kudan graduate.Richard(USA)

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Richard(USA)2014 Graduate

九段での思い出を教えてください。(楽しかった事、大変だった事など)Please tell us your thoughts about Kudan. (The things you enjoyed, the things that were difficult for you, etc.)


Kudan was a very easy and fun environment to study Japanese.
We didn’t just study in the classroom, but there were also many activities in which we got to experience Japan.
However it wasn’t always fun.
End of semester exams as well as studying for the JLPT were quite tough.


今の仕事内容や、なぜ日本で就職しようと思ったかを教えてください。Please tell us about why you chose to work in Japan, as well as details about your current job.
I’ve been interested in Japan since I studied Japanese culture in elementary school.
After studying high school abroad, I knew I wanted to live in Japan.
I chose to go to college here in order to help me get a job here.


日本への留学を考えている方にアドバイスをお願いします。Please share your advice to those who might be interested in studying in Japan.
Please share your advice to those who might be interested in studying in Japan.
Currently accepting Student Visa applications for January 2024.

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