Let’s try to cross Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge(レインボーブリッジを歩いて渡ってみよう)

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Rainbow Bridge is a bridge connecting to Odaiba. Vehicles and trains pass through this bridge, and people as well can go across for free.


There are still a few tourists who know about crossing this bridge, and it is a great place to enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo Bay, so it is fun to take a walk while taking photos. It is recommended to come here especially in the evening as you can see such a beautiful scenery.

レインボーブリッジの渡れる時間 (When you can cross the Rainbow Bridge)


Open: Every day from 9AM-9PM (10AM-6PM from November to March)

Closed: On the 3rd Monday of every month, on the next day if a holiday falls on a weekday, in cases of bad weather

料金 (Fee)

無料 (Free)

最寄り駅 (Nearest Station)


(1)A 15-minute walk from Yurikamome Line Odaiba Seaside Park Station or a 5-minute walk from Shibaura-futo Station


The Rainbow Bridge has a north route where you can see the city of Tokyo and a south route where you can see Tokyo Bay. I went back from Shibaura-futo Station to Shibaura-futo on the north route after it started to get dark over Odaiba using the south route.


サウスルート(South Route)


The sunset in Tokyo facing Odaiba.


Mt. Fuji can usually be seen from here, but it did not seem to appear today.


A large crane used for shipping with a ship is called a gantry crane because it resembles the animal giraffe.


Using a bicycle to cross the Rainbow Bridge is prohibited so I am pushing my bike as I walk.


This is the turning point. You can see the sea below.

ノースルート(東京の街並み)North Route (Cityscape of Tokyo)


Behind the lights of the city of Odaiba.


A view of the city of Tokyo from the Rainbow Bridge. I can also see Tokyo Tower. It’s such a wonderful scenery to see the city from here!


To come here in the summer is not recommended because of the smell of exhaust gas, but it is good for walking in a slightly cool season such as spring or autumn.


Please be careful not to be blown away by the wind as the wind is quite strong!

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